Cut All Funding for Lawrence, The Sanctuary City ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (Jan, 2017)

As a municipality, the City of Lawrence does not collect enough in local property taxes to pay for even half the cost of fire, police, schools, and other essential services.

As such, Lawrence gets millions of dollars every year from the state and federal government. In the past 30 years, billions of taxpayer’s dollars have been pumped into Lawrence for everything from basic services to dancing contests.

How has this worked out?

Certainly, Lawrence is worse off today than it was 30 years ago. The billions “invested” in Lawrence’s city government have done nothing to make the lives better for the people who live there. Lawrence is more dangerous, the schools are in receivership, and unemployment is much higher.

Being dependent upon state and federal funding, you might think Lawrence officials would be eager to keep that money flowing so that Lawrence doesn’t get any worse.

To the contrary, the Lawrence City Council has declared Lawrence a “sanctuary city” meaning that when Lawrence Police arrest an illegal alien who is a child molester, rapist, wife beater, murderer, or drug dealer, the Lawrence cops cannot notify immigration to have them deported.

Lawrence officials have proven once again that they care less about the lives of American citizens (and Lawrence residents), than they do the criminals who are citizens of other governments.

Even in the face of possibly losing the millions in federal dollars that Lawrence needs to function, city officials remain dedicated to siding with criminals who victimize the streets of their very city.

We say it’s time Lawrence and other sanctuary cities start respecting the laws of this nation, or their federal funding should be completely cut off.

There is no excuse for any city to offer sanctuary to wife beaters, killers, rapists, drug dealers, and child molesters.

Any official who puts the needs of a violent criminal above the safety of the very people who elected them are by definition, traitors who do not deserve to hold public office.

If the officials in Lawrence and other sanctuary cities really want to “make a stand” against what they laughingly call “racism” they should put their money where their mouth is … or to be more accurate … they should do without money from the federal government and see if other countries want to send them a check to pay for schools, police, fire, and sewer services.