Dems Turn Congressional Race into Clown Circus

By: Brian Genest ~ August, 2018

Have you seen this troupe of Democrats running in the 3rd Congressional District? The big top tent is stuffed with far-out lefties, even by Massachusetts standards. Forget the clown car; we need a bus!

In the center ring is State Sen. Barbara L’Italien, a woman who truly knows no boundaries and no shame… She doesn’t even live in the Congressional district that she’s running to represent. Can you say #CarpetbaggerInClownShoes?

Barbara L’Italien owed Massachusetts $7,618 in back income taxes when she was running for state senate. Then she gave her campaign a $13,000 loan. When the truth was exposed, she blamed her opponent for playing politics.

Barbara L’Italien voted earlier this year to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state for illegal aliens – through a budget amendment. Then she posted a Twitter video and gushed about how proud it made her feel to disregard the law and ignore our borders.

Barbara L’Italien recently got on Fox News by pretending to be someone else. Then she attacked President Donald Trump and was cut off.

Naturally, all this gives Barbara L’Italien street cred with fellow Democrats. The real shame is that four Dracut Selectmen recently hosted a fundraiser for this hack who has delivered absolutely nothing for our town.

Anyway, you can’t have a circus without animals. This one has two swamp creatures riding the coattails of jackasses named Marty.

Lori “from Lowell” Trahan was former congressman Marty Meehan’s chief of staff. In case you need to know anything else about her, she’s already spent 10 years on the payroll in Washington, DC. In other words, thanks, but no thanks. #LoriLivesInWestfordNow

Dan Koh, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s former chief of staff, wants to go to Capitol Hill to fight President Trump. (Yawn.) Maybe Koh should go back to Boston City Hall to fight corruption. The last thing we need in Congress is another arrogant, snot-nosed brat from Massachusetts with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Whiny little Joe Kennedy III is already serving as the current poster child. Here’s a better idea: #GoToHell.

And that’s only the first three acts. Wait until you see the least-greatest sideshow on Earth, ladies and gentlemen!

Rufus Gifford served as the U.S. ambassador to Denmark after raising more than $1 billion as Barack Obama’s finance director in the 2012 election. His other Democrat qualifications include marrying his husband at Copenhagen City Hall and “starring” in a 10-episode documentary on Danish TV.

Juana Matias, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who’s been a state representative in Lawrence for about a nanosecond, wants to abolish ICE, the federal immigration enforcement agency. Thank goodness Lawrence and other communities don’t have any drug-related crime problems connected to people from the Dominican Republic and other countries who have been picked up recently in federal drug sweeps.

Bopha Malone is another carpetbagger who doesn’t live in the district. Her key credentials include working at a Lowell bank and having Trump Derangement Syndrome. At a recent event to honor victims of the Armenian genocide, she instead used it as an opportunity to bash the president – and she heard about it afterward from at least one woman who was livid about her inappropriate and out-of-place comments.

Alexandra Chandler is a former naval intelligence analyst and a former man. The transgender candidate has endorsed fellow party progressive Sabrina Heisey for state representative in Dracut and Tyngsborough. (Sabrina Heisey accuses incumbent Colleen Garry of being transphobic and anti-LGBTQ.)

What do all these Democrat candidates have in common, other than being out of sync on major issues with the voters in Dracut and many other towns in the 3rd district? If they win the general election, they’ll be in the minority party in the House of Representatives. That’s not going to help deliver funding or results for the people of our district. And we’re running out of clown noses.

Brian Genest is a member of the Dracut Republican Town Committee. A marketing and communications expert with 20 years of success driving growth, maximizing ROI and boosting profits for consumer and high-tech brands, he has developed and executed strategic initiatives for a range of disruptive technologies, including robots, mobile commerce solutions and SaaS products. Earlier in his career, Genest worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for the Dracut Dispatch, Derry News and Billerica Minuteman.