DiZoglio Calls on Governor to Release Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Data

Administration Has Not Issued Financial Report on the Fund Since June

BOSTON – State Senator Diana DiZoglio (D-Methuen) is calling on the Baker Administration to provide greater transparency around the Commonwealth’s unemployment insurance trust fund.

In a letter dated December 3rd, DiZoglio and fellow legislators called on the Baker Administration to produce a financial report on the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund – and in the event it declines to do so, provide a clear explanation as to what is preventing the release of this information.

The Administration has not issued a monthly financial report on the fund since June, when the account showed a $1.77 billion balance in the red.

“Our small businesses deserve answers,” said DiZoglio.

“This Administration must provide a full accounting of overpayments and fraud so that the burden does not continue to fall back on our mom and pop shops. Due to the lack of access, transparency and accountability, our local families continue to pay the price.”