Doughty Campaign Fires Back at Valley Patriot Columnist Brian Genest

By: Holly Robichaud – July 2022

In Response to a column by Brian Genest: HERE

Most of us learn at an early age that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Clearly Brian Genest has not learned this life lesson. In his June column, he threw a lot of stones at Chris Doughty, Republican candidate for Governor while ignoring the failures of his candidate.

Chris Doughty is not a professional politician. He has spent a lifetime creating jobs not worrying about the next election. On the other hand, his Primary opponent, who is a former Democrat, is a career politician who voted for Joe Biden. So Genest should stop throwing stones about who is the purest Republican. Furthermore, Genest brags about his candidate’s so-called victory at the Massachusetts GOP Convention, however, he fails to disclose that the State Party Chair, the convention coordinator, the chairman of the convention, the rules committee chair and the credentials committee were are all endorsers of Doughty’s opponent. Hence, the odds were stacked against Doughty who got twice the amount needed!

But this race for Governor is not about insider politics. It is about who is the best person to be Governor and that person is Chris Doughty.

Doughty is an entrepreneur and devoted father and husband. He is the only job creator and the only outsider in the race. For more than three decades he has worked to build businesses that provide good jobs, while juggling being a hands-on dad for his six children and serving in the community.

Doughty has overseen the expansion of Capstan Industries from its initial startup of a few dozen employees to become, at its peak, a large multinational manufacturer. As a business owner and job creator, he dealt with all kinds of challenges — from low-cost international imports to government regulation.

He has worked hard to make his company a place people were proud to work.

Doughty graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in economics and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is well qualified to be our Governor.

But, what will Doughty do for you? As he likes to say, “You will have more dough with Doughty.”

Doughty was the first candidate to call for the suspension of the gas tax to help ease the pain at the pump. His plan is to suspend the gas tax until the price of gas drops below $3.70 per gallon.

“The state has the funds, so there is no reason that the State House cannot help the hard working taxpayers. Family budgets are being devastated by the price of fuel. As a state, we need to provide a helping hand. As the next Governor, we will be proactive in responding to crises,” said Doughty.

Doughty has also pledge to end the Commonwealth’s reputation of being “Taxachusetts.” One of his first of many steps will be to work to disband the Tax Expenditure Commission to establish a Tax Reduction Commission. Doughty’s goal is to reduce more taxes than Bill Weld did as Governor.

“We don’t need a Commission looking for new ways to tax us. We need a Commission finding ways to reduce our tax burden and making the Commonwealth more competitive with other states. As the next Governor, I will work to disband the Tax Expenditure Commission and replace it with a Tax Reduction Commission,” promised Doughty.

Like you, Doughty opposes licenses for illegal immigrants. But, he knows that the true problem is that Massachusetts is a magnet state. As our next Governor, he will strengthen verification of applications for public assistance so only the truly needy and legal residents receive benefits. The Department of Transitional Assistance will institute a new verification process that will compare the person’s application with the following searchable databases:

• Immigration status information maintained by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
• Social security number verification.
• Death register information maintained by the Social Security Administration.
• Supplemental Security Income information maintained by the Social Security Administration in its SSI State Data Exchange (SDX) database.
• See website for the full list

As an experienced job creator, Doughty has a small business bill of rights plan to support those who create the majority of new jobs in our state.

“As a business owner, I have worked hard to always comply with new regulations, but it has not been easy. Creating jobs and meeting a payroll is not for the faint of heart. State government should be advocates and partners with our local businesses so the Commonwealth can create more jobs and raise wages. We do that by encouraging entrepreneurship and small businesses that are the backbone of our economy,” said Doughty.

We can count on Doughty to make Massachusetts affordable again. To see more details on his small business bill of rights and other issues visit Chris would be honored to have your vote in the GOP Primary.