Dr. John J.Donovan at Advantage Chiropractor ~ KANE’S CORNER

By: Kane

“Motion is Lotion and Rest is Rust,” say Dr. John Donovan. Words to Live by on how to maintain the Health of the Spine and Extremities.

Kane visited Advantage Chiropractic last week because his neck hurt after straining to see his neighbors over the fence. “Don’t judge me, Kane said, I’m a German Shepherd we are built to be nosy neighbors.”

Dr. John J. Donovan evaluated his conditions and explained that he came to the right place, helping people get out of pain is what we do. Kane was happy to hear this, he has a hot date next week and wanted to strut into the room. Nobody wants to date a whinny, limping puppy wearing the cone of shame.

Kane was quite intrigued to learn how the magic happened since he was feeling like his old self again after a few sessions, so he decided to interview John about his profession. Kane wasn’t sure if John saw other dogs, but he sure saw a lot of humans every day. Kane asked John what the most common ailments clients sought services for at his business. Dr. Donovan explained that most people seek out chiropractic services for neck pain, back pain, headaches, and pains in the extremities. John explained that posture and the alignment of the spine is one of the keys to health. John also works on soft tissue damage. John explained, “I stay in my lane, and know what I can and cannot correct with treatment.”

John explained to Kane that many injuries come from compensating for other injuries that a person may not even know they have. He used the example of a client reporting that she hurt her neck eating soup, but most likely there was already some damage done at a previous time. Kane could relate to this. Yes, he was guilty of straining his neck to look over the neighbor’s fence, but really, he strained his neck a few weeks ago when he heard someone open a cheese wrapper. It was time for his humans to share.

He does remember thinking awwwh that quick jerk hurt my neck, but the cheese was sooooo yummy. John explained the goal was to optimize the function of the spine by correcting posture. The stages of returning back to health are inflammation, repair, and remodeling the soft tissue of the injured area. This made sense to Kane.

Dr. Donovan explained that there is no greater motivation then getting out of pain. When Kane asked how he became interested in chiropractic medicine, he explained that a chiropractor was the only professional able to get him out of pain when he was 19 experiencing IT band pain from running track. He had tried traditional resting the injury and medication for inflammation, but it was the chiropractor that helped him. At the time he thought, that was cool what the chiropractor was able to do for me, that would be cool to be able to do that for other people. “Although looking back this seems like idealistic 19-year-old thinking” John said. Kane thought, John does help people relieve pain and keep them moving so his desire to help others has come true. He treats people from young athletes to well into their senior years.

Kane asked what type of schooling is required to be a chiropractor? John started with a bachelor’s degree at St. Anselm’s College then five Academic years and Training to complete his Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic School. Kane learned that John has been practicing in the Merrimack Valley since 1996.

Kane said his humans always told him as a puppy to hold his head up high and watch your posture. John laughed and said there is actually a lot of truth to saying “Stand up Straight”. Well Kane said mothers I guess are always right.

Lastly Kane would like people to know that Chiropractic Medicine is not limited to injuries; many people use it to keep their level of athleticism as they age and to keep their body loose and limber. If you would like to see Dr. John Donovan for pain or prevention this is how to get in touch with him. As for Kane, he is back to his playful self, running fast and jumping high, as well as snooping on the neighbors, thanks to Dr. John Donovan. Dr. John Donovan, Advantage Chiropractic, 2 Courthouse Lane Suite 9, Chelmsford, MA 01824. 978-453-0900 | john@DonovanChiropractic.net


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