Eagle Tribune Identifies Police Source on Drug/Gun Raid

Tom Duggan (10/12/12)

Last month the Eagle Tribune published a story about a police raid on drug gang in Lawrence. In that story, written by none other than Mark Vogler who reported;

“Yesterday, Lawrence Police Chief John Romero hailed the concerned neighbors as heroes after the operation, which began at 6 a.m. Thursday, led to the arrests of 21 people including four charged with heroin trafficking and other drug charges out of the first floor apartment at 21 Tremont St. “Their tip sure paid off — 21 people at one location in a few hours is a significant number of people to arrest in a local drug investigation,” Romero said in an interview yesterday.”

Vogler also identified one of the tipsters in the article who called into my radio program on WCAP the next day. “It has certainly taken its toll on me and my family” the tipster told me on the air. The identity of people who call in tips on criminal activities should always be kept confidential, just like the identities of those who ask for drug addiction help through a Massachusetts helpline must be protected at all times.

You know folks, I have made a career out of pointing out the malicious and the negligent things the Eagle Tribune has done in my time, but never have I seen such an egregious disregard for the life and safety of someone they were covering.

The worst part of all is, as of the minute we went to print, the Eagle Tribune has not taken the name of the tipster from their website. And they wonder why news sources and business advertisers come to us first!