Efforts to Repeal Licenses for Illegals Meets Anti-American Resistance

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons gathers signatures for a ballot initiative to stop illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses, while Senator Eldredge interferes.

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has announced their endorsement of the efforts to repeal a law recently passed to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Jim Lyons, Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, has been holding signature drives to put the issue on the ballot and let Massachusetts voters decide.

But, Lyons’ efforts have been met with an extreme reaction by Democrats who support illegals. Last week, Lyons was in Tewksbury gathering signatures at a shopping mall when State Senator Jamie Eldredge and other Democrat activists not only encouraged people not to sign the petition, but some actually tried to block voters from signing it.

Lyons posted photos on Facebook and other social media sites complaining of the interference with his constitutional rights to gather signatures.

“The Radical Democrats have “blockers” interfering with the right to petition the citizens to decide if illegal immigrants should have driver’s licenses,” Lyons said. “The opposition is angry and do not believe that the people should be allowed to vote.”

Mass Fiscal Alliance says they support Lyons’ efforts to repeal the new law and says they believe voters should decide.

“The legislature’s move, driven by Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka, to give driver’s licenses to people in this country illegally resonated like no other issue before with the people of Massachusetts. MassFiscal set a record with the number of people who used our website to contact their legislators opposing this vote. Thousands of people reached out to their state legislators and many individual lawmakers received hundreds of emails from their constituents as a direct result of our advocacy to hold our elected officials accountable,” noted Paul Diego Craney, a spokesman for MassFiscal.

“It’s unfortunate that so many lawmakers chose to ignore the will of their constituents and forced the bill through. Fortunately, the referendum process will give the citizens of the Commonwealth an opportunity to right this wrong, despite Speaker Mariano and Senate President Spilka’s best effort to sidestep the will of their constituents,” noted Craney.

The Fair and Secure MA committee, which organized as the official group championing the referendum, has until August 24th to collect around 41,000 signatures to get the law on the November ballot before it can take effect. Website is: www.FairAndSecureMA.com.” ◊