EVERY VOTE COUNTS: The Hotly Contested Mayoral Race


By: Diana Fay DiZoglio – November, 2011

Methuen mayoral candidates Stephen N. Zanni and Al DiNuccio both ran rigorous campaigns on opposite platforms. While Zanni was deemed the more fiscally liberal supporter of municipal employees, DiNuccio was known as the voice for change as he looked to rein in spending.

Zanni barely topped the ticket with only 28 more votes than DiNuccio and 98 blanks. While some argued that there is no need for a recount as everything is now done electronically, DiNuccio begged to differ. Post election results, he commented on his follow-up plans.

“We are not conceding this race,” said DiNuccio. “We are going for a recount and will go through the proper channels to get a recount started. There were 98 votes not cast for mayor and those are the votes we are going after.”

According to DiNuccio, the recount process consists of gathering, 10 signatures from each precinct for 120 total and filing the paperwork in three days. The state and the city would be involved in the recount. “We are going to go hand count every signature. If someone put even a dot in the circle, it doesn’t go through the machine. So, we have to hand count them and we’ll contest every single one,” he concluded.

Referring to DiNuccio’s mention of a recount, Zanni stated, “he is entitled to a recount of course and that’s fine. We’ll wait to see what happens with that. For now, I am just happy and I think a lot of people are happy. I want to be a mayor for all of Methuen.”

Co-owner and manager of Merrimack Valley Golf Club, Kevin Kattar commented on the importance of getting voters to the polls. “These 28 votes changed the dynamics of the entire city. Especially, in a small city like this, every vote does count! This should be a message to all of the young people and everyone,” said Kattar.