EYE ONDRACUT ~ Don’t Vote for Republicans like Beth Lindstrom

By Brian Genest – Feb. 2024


If you’re a Republican and you care about the future of the Massachusetts Republican Party, you should care about the outcome of the upcoming State Committee elections. The 80 members of the Republican Party’s governing body, one man and woman from each of the state’s 40 senate districts, will be elected on the March 5 Presidential Primary ballot.

The results will determine just how Republican the party will be for the next four years. That’s why Republicans like Beth Lindstrom of Groton are exactly what we don’t need on the State Committee.

An establishment insider, Beth Lindstrom is probably best known for her embarrassingly awful performance in the 2018 Republican primary race for U.S. Senate.

At the time, Beth Lindstrom was touting herself as the only candidate who could beat Elizabeth Warren in the general election. The only problem for Beth Lindstrom was that she couldn’t beat anyone in her primary: she finished dead last in that three-way race with 18% of the Republican vote, behind winners Geoff Diehl who got 55% and second-place finisher John Kingston who got 27%. In other words, Beth Lindstrom choked. Big time.

Speaking of choking, do you remember Beth Lindstrom’s hometown performance at the Groton Republican Town Committee when she was a Senate candidate? She’d probably like you to forget, but it was completely memorable for all the wrong reasons. First, Beth Lindstrom told that group of conservative Republicans that she was in favor of abortion. Then, Beth Lindstrom told them she was in favor of gun control. If that wasn’t enough proof that she was out of touch with her audience, Beth Lindstrom also told them, repeatedly, that she worked as an undersecretary for former Gov. Mitt Romney.

The third time Beth Lindstrom mentioned it, someone in the group shouted out, “Why do you keep saying that? No one here can stand Mitt Romney.”

Hopefully, Beth Lindstrom will be smart enough to keep her liberal positions and past associations with the RINOs off the establishment-financed junk mail that will be flooding the mailboxes of real Republicans soon asking you to vote for her. But considering Beth Lindstrom is the most likely State Committee candidate to study for an IQ or urine test, I wouldn’t be so sure of it.

If you see Beth Lindstrom, ask her if she’s forgotten about the Republican Party and where she’s been hiding lately. Groton Republicans haven’t seen her at a town committee meeting in years and years and years. You have a better chance of seeing Beth Lindstrom on a milk carton than you do at a Republican gathering. And why isn’t Beth Lindstrom even a member of the Groton RTC, if she thinks she is good enough to be the State Committeewoman representing her hometown and a bunch of others?

Here’s another question to ask Beth Lindstrom if you see her: Do you support Donald Trump for President? Like her political pal, former Gov. Charlie Baker, Never-Trumper Beth Lindstrom will get weaker in the knees and even more pale than usual. If you do see Beth Lindstrom, it will probably be in a selfie with Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney, or Chris Doughty. You get the picture: establishment losers stick together. What you won’t see is any pictures of Beth Lindstrom knocking on doors in Groton or anywhere else to support down-ticket Republican candidates.

There’s some more bad news for Beth Lindstrom: her opponent Kathy Lynch is the real deal, a well-known conservative grassroots activist who has been working to build the Republican Party, including as chair of the Westford Republican Town Committee. As a member of the State Committee for the last four years, Kathy Lynch has strongly supported our Republican candidates and causes, including President Trump. Kathy Lynch has been recruiting Republican candidates to run for office. Kathy Lynch has been fighting to protect life, ensure election integrity and support the rights of gun owners.

Kathy Lynch has been fighting to stop mail-in voting, sanctuary cities and mask mandates. Kathy Lynch has been working hard. Meanwhile, Beth Lindstrom has been doing absolutely nothing—and absolutely nothing to help Republicans, except herself. Is it any wonder why the Groton Republican Town Committee has passed over Beth Lindstrom and instead endorsed Kathy Lynch?

This should be an easy choice for Republicans on March 5th, too. Vote for Kathy Lynch, a conservative Republican who actually does work for the Massachusetts Republican Party, for State Committeewoman. A vote for Beth Lindstrom is a vote for Mitt Romney. A vote for Beth Lindstrom is a vote for Charlie Baker.

A vote for Beth Lindstrom is a vote against President Trump.

— Brian Genest is a member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee representing the Second Essex & Middlesex district of Dracut, Andover, Lawrence, and Tewksbury. ◊