Faggan, L’Italien, Pelosi Dumped Ding, Dong, the Worst are Gone!


By: Lawrence “Lonnie” Brennan – November, 2010

Locally and nationally, ultra-liberal, ultra-taxing, ultra-arrogant and entrenched politicians got slapped in the face and kicked to the curb. It’s about time.

James Faggan was that notorious ‘rep’ who argued against protecting children, even going so far as to let us all know he would make a little girl’s life a nightmare if she dared to testify in court, because he’s “not a nice guy.” He had a point to make, a real bad point, and voters in his district turned out to make their point: oust the louse.

We all know soon-to-be former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. Her name will ring in infamy for her arrogance and for telling us that the House needed to ‘pass the healthcare bill, so that we could see what was in it.’ Well, we saw how she did it, who she bribed, and what was in it, and the nation rose up and repudiated her, her boss, and most Democrats with the biggest turnover since Herbert Hoover was president!

Finally, locally, we have new representatives in Andover, Methuen, Boxford, Georgetown, Haverhill, and North Andover, as voters rose up and let our sitting ‘rep’ know that there’s only one thing worse than tax increases, spending increases, and elitism, and that’s arrogance. Attempting to take away the citizen’s right to petition our government, by attempting to gut the citizen petition process was one step too far. It earned Barbara L’Italien the direct scorn of the Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT), more than her previous 93% of the time voting as a tax extremist.

The state remains slanted, with 36 Democrat senators and only 4 Republicans, but in the House of Representatives, having a few of the most notorious players ousted, is what we call a good start.

Remember, folks didn’t fall in love with Republicans, they just fell out of love with arrogance. Here’s hoping for a better year.

 Georgetown Selectman Lawrence "Lonnie" BrennanLawrence “Lonnie” Brennan is a former Georgetown Selectman and is currently Vice-Chair of the Georgetown Republican Town Committee. He can be reached at Lonnie.Brennan@verizon.net.