Felons Kelly and Donald Frazier Target Reporter with False Harassment Order to Stop Investigations


Valley Patriot investigation shows Lawrence Homeless Coordinator tried to steer federal funds to her own non-profit, funds administered through her department. 


Felon Kelly Birchall Frazier, Homeless Coordinator for the City of Lawrence, and her husband Donald Frazier of New Hampshire (also a convicted felon who goes by the “street name” Debo Brown) filed a false harassment order against Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan on March 8th to stop him from investigating missing grant money the city was given to help the homeless.


Frazier committed perjury at least five times in her written testimony to the court, claiming that Duggan threatened her life both on Facebook and on the Paying Attention Podcast dated March 5, 2024. 

Duggan appeared in Salem, NH District court on April 1st with Facebook print-outs and video evidence of the podcast in question showing that he never even mentioned Kelly Birchall Frazier, and that she had committed perjury to the court in order to stop Duggan’s investigation into alleged wrongdoing by Frazier and her convicted felon husband.

The Judge dismissed the order against Duggan. 

“She said in writing that I posted a photo of her and her husband and threatened her life,” Duggan said.

“She did that so I would stop my investigation into money for the homeless that city councilors said is ‘unaccounted for’ during a public meeting in December.”

“I have also been working on a story showing that Kelly Birchall Frazier got caught trying to steer federal ARPA funds to her own non-profit to – believe it or not – service homeless veterans. Special Assistant to the Mayor, Octavien Spanner had to pull Birchall’s name off the list while at a public city council meeting telling councilors that it would be a conflict of interest for Frazier to receive the funds while she is working in the department that disburses the funds. How she’s not already in jail is beyond me.” 

Duggan said that within 48 hours of posting on Facebook that he was investigating Birchall’s alleged improprieties, “a North Andover Police Officer knocked on my door, confiscated my gun, my ammunition, my gun permit, and handed me a harassment order saying I was not allowed within 300 feet of Frazier or city hall, and not allowed to post on social media or ‘harass’ Frazier in any way.”

“Then she and her criminal husband ran around Lawrence telling all of their ‘homies’ that I was unarmed. They were purposely trying to get me killed or be so intimidated that I would back off.”


“This false harassment order violated my civil rights as a citizen and as a reporter investigating a public employee who is alleged to be involved in potential illegalities with public money. It really makes you wonder what else she is hiding.”

“I think a lot of questions still need to be asked. How does a homeless coordinator for the City of Lawrence buy a house, open a hair salon, run a non-profit, take expensive vacations, and buy brand new cars on a public salary, all the while city councilors are questioning state funding that was supposed to be used to help the homeless?” 


Birchall’s harassment order against Duggan alleges, in her own hand writing,

“Plaintiff [Kelly Frazier] alleges that with respect to March 4 social media post, the defendant [Duggan] posted a photo of her and her husband and referred to the Plaintiff as “Gaza” or “the Palestinians” and referred to himself as “Israel” and made reference to waging unceasing war against plaintiff in terms the Plaintiff found threatening and disturbing” 

“I proved that to be a lie,” Duggan says. “She was never in the photo but she had to say that she was, so she could get the harassment order” Duggan told the court.



“Her photo was never posted, her name was never mentioned. No threat of any kind was ever made. The post was about a Facebook war with her criminal husband and how he hides behind his wife after he starts a conflict and things start to go wrong for him. He proved it again today by having his wife file this harassment order that was not about HER but about HIM. But, because he’s not man enough to come after me himself, he had to have his wife – once again – pretend this was about her and do his dirty work for him.” 

Birchall’s perjured harassment order also stated that Duggan threatened her on his podcast:

“On 3/5/24 he has a podcast in Salem, NH and stated he is “coming for myself and my husband. He’s just waiting for us to drop a bomb and we will be ‘taken care of’. FYI this man carries a gun and the threats are now affecting my job, home, and life. I am asking the court for help today so my family and I are safe”. 

She also claimed that Duggan gave out her home address on his podcast and told his followers to go harass her.

“I don’t even know her home address,” Duggan said. “Even to this minute I don’t know her address. It’s supposed to be in the court order so I know what address to stay away from and they never even listed it.”

Duggan offered the following video of what was actually said:


“The fact is,” Duggan told the court, “she was never mentioned. All I did was mock her husband the convicted felon, and specifically outlined how I have repeatedly ignored his obnoxious attacks on Facebook. She knows that and she lied to the court anyway, which is weird given how tough her and her husband pretend to be. Now suddenly after threatening me and saying my father got what he deserved, they play the victim. The court cannot allow this kind of perjury to go unpunished.” 

“What’s more,” Duggan said, “while this harassment order was in affect, Kelly Birchall Frazier was so in fear for her life that she showed up at my annual Charity BASH at the Relief’s IN on March 22nd and even checked in on Facebook, posting photos. No woman that I know who is in fear for their life purposely goes where they know their attacker is holding an event.” 

“She also called her friend Tracy and said she was afraid for her life and needed her to come down and protect her. She could have just left, but instead she sat sat there with her husband and Jackie Marmol doing selfies at the bar. I  guess she had no faith that her husband could protect her from mean old Tommy Duggan.” 


Duggan says that he has been discussing the matter with the Rockingham County Prosecutor’s Office, and is pushing to have Frazier charged with multiple counts of perjury, which carries a five year prison sentence for each count.

“There are women out there who need these orders to protect themselves from boyfriends or husbands who are actually threatening to kill them. To allow Frazier to get away with this spits in the face of every domestic violence victim out there who depends on these orders for self protection.”

“Remember she’s already a felon to begin with,” Duggan concluded.

“So, when she’s convicted of perjury she’s not just going to get probation. These two have been gaming the system long enough, and maybe it took something like this to finally put a stop to it. One way or the other,  she and  her husband are now my new pet project and my Attorney’s at Caruso and Caruso will be filing additional civil court actions against both Kelly Birchall Frazier and her husband.” 

Lawrence Mayor Brian DePena’s Office would not comment on Frazier’s actions. Frazier posted on Facebook two days before the court hearing that she “needs a job ASAP” but The Valley Patriot has learned she is still employed with the City of Lawrence.”