Finally, it All Makes Sense

By: Christine Morabito – September, 2012

I judge a film by how much time I spend thinking about it. A movie that haunts me is “2016: Obama’s America,” which asks us to consider what America will look like if our president is reelected.

The runaway documentary by directors Dinesh D’Souza’s and John Sullivan, attempts to explain the enigma that is President Obama. Relying on years of research, interviews and family records, the film presents a compelling theory that holds-up where previous theories have fallen short.

Frustrated critics of Obama have theorized that he is a socialist, a communist sympathizer, a closet Muslim, or at the very least, completely incompetent to lead the free world. Somehow, none of those labels quite fit. As D’Souza explains, we have been trying to define our President by American history, while ignoring Obama’s own history.

Earlier theories have failed to explain why, for example, Obama would do something as bizarre as returning the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from the British after 9/11. Why on earth would he box up this statue and ship it back to England, insulting our greatest ally?

Why would he not allow the Keystone Pipeline to be completed, creating thousands of American jobs, yet with taxpayer dollars, subsidize and encourage oil exploration indeveloping countries like Mexico, Brazil and Columbia? Clearly, he is not opposed to drilling for oil, just to America doing it.

And why would the President deliberately reduce our nuclear defense capacity while our enemies are eagerly enriching theirs? We got a frightening glimpse into his motives when he was caught off-mic, at the Nuclear Security Summit, telling Russian President Medvedev,

“… After my election I have more flexibility.”

Unlike other U.S. Presidents, Obama has been no friend to Israel, supporting regimes that mean to eradicate the Jewish people from the region, if not the planet. He endorses the ludicrous proposal to return Israel to its pre-1967 borders, leaving the country only 9 miles wide at its center, and the Palestinians frighteningly close to Ben Gurion Airport, armed with the capacity and the desire to shoot down jumbo jets. What’s more, Obama has done nothing to stop Iran from developing its nuclear program, a direct threat to the Jewish state.

It is clear to anyone paying attention that our President sought out extremist mentors, like card-carrying Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, radical associates like domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers and the outrageous Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama snubbed while campaigning and offered hush money. We knew that Obama taught workshops based on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” a how-to for Marxists. And we knew about his close connection with rabid anti-Israel professors, Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said. Obama’s law school mentor, Roberto Unger was so hard-left, he purposely laid low during Obama’s first campaign lest he damage the candidate’s chances of winning.

But less was known about Obama’s familial influences. What this movie explores is the shared world-view of these early and significant role models, which was anti-colonial — thus anti-capitalist, anti-Israel and anti-American. Both Barack’s father and step-father were European colonizers.

The President’s father, though conspicuously absent in young Barack’s life, had an enormous impact on him. For evidence, we need only consult Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father.”

While living with his maternal grandparents, he was exposed to similar anti-colonial attitudes. If Obama’s closest relatives believed that Europe, and by association, America, were occupiers and plunderers of the world’s resources, it is plausible that if allowed the opportunity, he might seek to level the playing field. No doubt he is narcissistic enough to believe he could.

“2016” was produced by the acclaimed Gerald Molen, who is best known for “Schindler’s List.” To attract a neutral audience, the promoters chose the perfect tagline, “Love him or hate him, you don’t know him.”

Judging by the documentary’s phenomenal success, I was not the only one deeply moved by the film. At the time of this writing, it is number 3 at the box office, with an estimated revenue of $20 million, unheard of for a conservative film; a film that started in one Houston theater and hit 1800 theaters nationwide in just over a month.

For me, it was surreal to relax in a movie theater, watching a not-so-favorable documentary about a sitting President, knowing that in many countries this would be impossible. May we never take our freedom for granted.