Follow the Science and Open Up The Schools ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (11-20)



The science is clear when it comes to the transmission of and effects of COVID-19 on school-aged children.

The science shows that 99.99% of kids who get the virus do not get sick, that 99.999% of kids who get sick recover quickly, that kids do not transmit the virus as easily as adults, and that the virus does not transmit easily from surfaces to humans as we were originally told back in March.

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That’s what the science says. That’s what the Centers for Disease Control says. That’s what the World Health Organization says. That’s what the independent health experts have said.

So, why are all the schools not open?

Why are local mayors and school committees keeping in-school instruction from taking place district-wide?

The answer is that teachers unions are standing in the way of fully reopening the schools, claiming that they are petrified for their lives that they might just DIE if they go back to the classroom.

They are lying of course, as proven by Turtleboy (an on line watchdog group) who followed around teachers in Andover, Haverhill, and other communities who refused to go back to school. What they found was that the very teachers who say they are in fear of DYING from COVID were seen at drinking parties, with no masks, no social distancing, some photographed at crowded public beaches without a care in the world about contracting the Coronavirus.

It is clear that those who claim to follow “the science” and lecture the rest of us are not following the science at all.

Since the lockdowns started, suicides among school aged kids have doubled, depression and mental health issues have skyrocketed, substance abuse has gone through the roof, and parents are unable to go back to work because their kids are still home all day.

This has financially and emotionally devastated families with children, especially for children with only one parent at home, being raised by grandparents, or living in foster care.

But, the devastation doesn’t stop there. Children with special needs, with no attention span and a myriad of mental health and psychological issues, are stuck sitting alone for hours in front of a laptop with no in-person socialization.

This is mental torture for special needs students and it has to stop!

The risk of teachers, faculty, or students getting sick and dying from COVID-19 is less than 1%. To date, not one child in this country has died from getting the virus in a school setting.

It’s time to stop pretending and stop playing politics with our kids and open our schools.

And it’s time to stop lying to the America public about what the “science” says about COVID-19. ◊