Food for Local Veterans

By: Don Jarvis – Oct. 2020

The VFW Lorraine Post 29 in Haverhill continues to find ways to serve our veterans and to reach out to them and offer support. On Saturday, November 7th, the Haverhill VFW will be hosting a BBQ chicken dinner, free of charge for our veterans, and will be delivered right to their front door. Traditionally in the past, veterans would be able to take their family out to eat on Veterans Day and enjoy their favorite meal free of charge at a local restaurant. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this may not be possible for many. VFW Lorraine Post 29 wants all veterans in the City of Haverhill to feel appreciated and still have a nice meal to enjoy with their family.

With the support and help from local organizations, businesses, and members of the community, the VFW post is hoping to cook and deliver hundreds of BBQ chicken dinners. Each meal will consist of BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, and a dinner roll. Meals will be cooked and prepared at the VFW Post 29/AMVets 147 faculty located on Primrose Street in Haverhill.

How can you help? The biggest way you can help the VFW Lorraine Post 29 is by spreading the word of this meal delivery to as many veterans as you know who live in Haverhill. We want to make sure we reach every veteran in the community and encourage them to register. Veterans will be able to request a meal for themselves and their family members/household guest who reside with them. All meals are free, and we are just asking that the veteran registers for a delivery. They can register the best way by phone 978 – 373 – 1900 and leaving a voice message with their full name, best address, number of meals they would like, and the best phone number. A member of the VFW will return your phone call within 24-48 hours.

Another way to help is by supporting this event either through donations (monetary or food) or by being a volunteer to help deliver this event. To discuss this more or to register as a volunteer, please reach and connect with VFW Lorraine Post 29 commander, Keith Gospill at
Concerning COVID-19, all guidelines and protocols will be followed. We will put plans into place to ensure this event and meal delivery will be executed as safely as possible.

All volunteers will be required to wear a mask. Anyone working in the kitchen or loading the meal in bags and vehicles will be required to wear gloves at all times. Meals will be delivered using contactless delivery, meaning veterans will be notified of their delivery by either a knock on their door, the ringing of their doorbell, or a phone call/text if knocking or ringing isn’t an option. We ask the veteran; please wait a few minutes before answering to minimize possible contact with the driver. Drivers will be required to wear a mask, and will be offered gloves to wear if they are interested. These protocols are put in place to ensure safety and wellbeing for all our veterans and volunteers.

“To the brave men and women who have worn the cloth of our Nation, we are truly grateful for your service. Your dedication and devotion have certainly not gone unnoticed. We hope you accept and enjoy this meal as our way for the community and us to thank you for all you have done.” VFW Junior Vice-Commander Jarvis says. ◊