Former Doctor at Cambridge Hospital Files Suit vs Board of Medicine, Cambridge Hospital

Bharani-PadmanabhanDr. Bharany Padmanabhan, formerly of Cambridge Hospital has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Cambridge, (which owns Cambridge Hospital) as well as some members of the staff of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine (BOM). The suit seeks millions in compensation for unspecified damages.

Dr. Bharany says he filed the suit against the city and the hospital saying he is a whistleblower and was fired for protesting the neglect of patients at Cambridge Hospital. He further alleges insurance fraud and launched a website with scores of documents available to make his case.

Dr. Bharany says that as a doctor at Cambridge, he discovered brain scans were not being read, but that summaries of brain scan reports were sent to him stating that they had been read, but declared inaccurate diagnoses.

“The first email I wrote to Dr. Glick, who was the chief of neurology, documented patient neglect and official brain scan reports being issued that were 100% wrong. It suggested that the radiologist had not even looked at the scans when he wrote the reports. Dr. Glick called my email a ‘smoking gun’. He approached the leadership of the hospital to improve matters and within two years we were both gone,” he said.

Dr. Bharany filed his suit in Norfolk Superior Court “because the government failed me completely in terms of upholding the rule of law, and I found I had no other choice other than to file a civil lawsuit.” The suit was elevated to federal court.

He said that members of the hospital administration were, “lying to my face, and it was important to get them to make statements under oath to prove I was fired for being a whistleblower. They held a hearing and overturned my firing, I still do not have my job back and the problems have not been rectified. They are also blocking me from being able to get paid.”

Dr. Bharany says that he brought the lawsuit so that he could be made whole after being wrongfully terminated and his livelihood being taken from him.

“But I also brought this suit because Cambridge Hospital is a public hospital and the Board of Medicine is a public agency, totally funded by the taxpayers, what they have done and not done should be public, and brought to sunlight.”

Dr. Bharany says that he has been trying, and will continue to try and educate the public so they will pressure government officials to solve the problems at Cambridge Hospital and the BOM.

“Their first response to my lawsuit was for the opposition to file a motion to impound all the documents, every scrap of paper, and hide it from the taxpayers. I fought that, and happily I won. So all the documents now remain in the public domain. A good chunk of them have been put up on Cambridge

“Before this case was transferred to federal court, the staff at the Board of Medicine ignored an extra 30 days given to them by a superior court judge to file an answer or any responsive pleading. They are thus in default because they ignored a specific court order. AG Maura Healey, who has chosen to represent the seven board employees, is now trying to have them all declared judicially immune in federal court.”

“I previously tried for years to get the Attorney General’s Office, both under Martha Coakley and Maura Healey, to investigate and punish criminal wrongdoing at the Board. Coakley never once responded to my pleas. Maura Healey has now chosen publicly to declare that the Board staff come under absolute immunity even though they are not officers of the court.” 

“The story Cambridge Hospital is telling is, that I am a bad physician who is an imminent threat to public safety and does not know how to read brain MRI scans, or diagnose MS, even though I have a PhD in MS and 2 fellowships in MS.

As it turns out I am one of 50 people on earth with my level of training and expertise in MS. Despite that the Board is trying to throw me out of medicine completely, claiming that my lawsuit is an effort to prevent disciplinary action in order to save the public from me.”

Dr. Bharany says the Board has dragged this case out “for four long years and never moved against my license. They allowed me to continue to treat the people of Mass but has blocked my ability to get paid. That is what this is all about.”

Shortly after our interview, US District Court Judge William Young took up this lawsuit for the first time.
“Judge William Young denied my motion as his first decision and act in my lawsuit. The implication is that government bureaucrats are exempt from laws that ordinary taxpayers are required to follow under the threat of legal sanctions. Naturally, I shall fight this to the fullest extent of the law.”

“It is now undeniable that Maura Healey has chosen “Sovereign Immunity” as her main plank in order to actively protect the corrupt within state government whereas Coakley simply did nothing.”

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