Former Lawrence Councilor Arrested Again, Says Lawrence Police Show Too Much “Disrespect”

Dec. 19, 2106|10PM

almonteFormer Lawrence City Councilor Sandy Almonte has been arrested again, this time in Lawrence after police learned she had a warrant for her arrest out of North Andover for driving without insurance. 

The former District “A” (Prospect Hill) councilor resigned back in August of this year after being arrested in Nashua, NH, for assault and resisting arrest. Almonte says her case was continued without a finding with a $300 fine. Almonte says that if she keeps her record clean for four years the arrest will come off her record.

Witnesses say that Almonte was arrested in Lawrence on Sunday, December 11th after her son was the victim of a hit and run driver resulting in a verbal altercation between Almonte and police.

“Yeah, I was a bitch.  I admit that. But, Officer Farrington treated me disrespectfully. He acted like he didn’t know me, and told me I couldn’t pick up the pieces of my sons car in the street. I said, ‘you know who I am.’ He said, ‘you are nobody.'”

“So, yeah, my son and his girlfriend were in the hospital, it was a very severe car accident. So, I got into it with him, I told him he can kiss my ass, and I went ahead and picked up the pieces anyway.”

That’s when, Almonte says, police ran her information and found out she had an outstanding warrant out of North Andover. 

“I had moved, the court sent the notice to my old address, and obviously I didn’t show up, I never got the notice. But, they had no right. Why did they run my information? Who do they think they are? They had five cruisers and ten cops show up at my house to take me in, and they never had a female officer search me like they are supposed to. Officer Farrington searched me. And you can quote me.”

Almonte said she didn’t file a complaint against the officer because, “they would just wipe their asses with it. We all know that wouldn’t go anywhere. So, I’m going to get a lawyer and then I’m going to file a complaint.”

“The Lawrence Police have no respect for the people they serve. I’m sick of the abuse that police officers in our city give to the residents of our city, including myself. They disrespected me by  telling me to my face that I’m nobody.” 

“They didn’t even file a police report on the hit and run. Even to this day, there is no police report on the hit and run. My son’s car is a very expensive import from Japan. He was hit, he and his girlfriend were severely hurt, do they care? No, they don’t care.”

Almonte announced in The Valley Patriot when she resigned in August that she would be running for mayor in 2017, but now says she isn’t sure she is going to seek the corner office. 

“My heart is still very much wanting to run for mayor. I’m still getting phone calls from people all the time telling me they believe in me, and that I am the person they want as mayor. But, do I want that headache now for myself and my family  … I’m not sure anymore. At the end of the day you also have to realize how ungrateful so many people are. I mean, for so many people in this city, you could give them a million dollars today and tomorrow they don’t care. I’m a big mouth, and I’m not going to shut up. I will stay involved but, I’m not sure if I still want to run for mayor. But, if I do decide I promise The Valley Patriot will get the story first.”

Lawrence Police Officer Farrington would not comment on the record about the incident, but another officer present said that Almonte was out of control, screaming and creating a problem for police while they were trying to investigate the crash. She was initially summonsed for disorderly conduct but the charge was removed by the arresting officer. Almonte appeared in court and paid a fine on the warrant out of North Andover. 

Almonte was replaced on the Lawrence City Council by former rival Myra Ortiz, who is filling out her two year term on the council.