By: Paul Murano – September, 2012

Once again America has been subject to the game of psychological and emotional manipulation called politics. It is offensive to anyone devoted to the truth. In the two national conventions this past month we’ve learned that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama help their wives with the dishes, love their children, and can cry at puppies being exploited – all in an attempt to get the woman’s vote. We heard a number of speakers rip off a line or two in Spanish – for the Hispanic vote, the cameras continuously pan to black and Asian faces to prove the candidates care about minorities, and the constant claim of having trust in “the American people” – a senseless platitude to everyone adding insult to our intelligence.

There is one word, however, that the Democrats chose as their slogan this election season to replace Change, which needs to be challenged: “Forward”. Just like we were never told what change would bring us, the new one-word slogan demands an answer to: Forward to where? In what direction? I propose the cultural left is indeed moving forward, but straightforward into the woods of Genesis 3:8, where they “hid from God among the trees of the garden”– deeper into the darkness that is inevitable for those who believe progress means being liberated from God. This is man’s attempt at freedom de-linked from truth, a false liberty resulting always resulting in death. Our culture of death was upheld and promoted at the 2012 Democratic convention with the typical euphemisms. Let’s look through the rhetoric of six points and translate the substance of what was really being communicated:

  1. After chipping away in the past few election cycles at ant references to God in their platform, Democrats left out all references this time. Political pressure forced an awkward floor vote that sounded like a rejection of the motion to insert God and Israel into the platform, but was forced, prompting a loud chorus of boos from the delegates.Translation: God gets in the way of our “progress”, but for political purposes we progressives will bow to the pressure…for now.
  2. The Democrats say they trust women to make their own healthcare decisions.Translation: Women have the right to kill their children from conception to birth, and even after birth if the child survives abortion, as has occurred with Gianna Jessen, Sarah Smith, and many other abortion survivors who grew up to tell about it. Obama not only supports legalized prenatal homicide but voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.
  3. No one should be discriminated against based on “who they love”.Translation: The disordered attraction and desire for sexual acts with persons of the same sex should not only be encouraged by referring to homosexual behavior as an alternative lifestyle, but this crime against nature should also be publicly and legally honored with the term “marriage”.
  4. Sandra Fluke, given the honor of speaking in prime time at the Democratic National Convention, is a heroine, becoming the symbol of a strong woman who chooses to be sexually active outside of marriage and then demands taxpayers pay for her birth control.Translation: Religious institutions must be forced by government to uphold their employees’ chosen lifestyle of fornication and promiscuity by paying for birth control to impede pregnancy – clearly a violation of conscience for Catholics, an attack on the dignity of women, and an erosion of the sacredness of marriage and family. To top it off a popular radio talk host is demonized for describing this lifestyle common today in similar terms as it has been recognized throughout most of history, as playing the harlot.
  5. For his comments about rape and pregnancy, Senate candidate Todd Akin is called a fool and a dangerous white man symbolizing the war on women.Translation: The cultural left with its partners in the media drummed up a scandal out of a clumsy sentence. The stress of rape does not make the “female body..shut that whole thing down”. However such stress can inhibit ovulation lessening the possibility of pregnancy.The truth is that although abortion from rape accounts for less than 1% of the 1.2 million abortions per year, an innocent child should not have his or her arms and legs ripped off before being sucked into the abortion suction machine at the beginning of their lives – whether they or not they have been conceived in rape. Abortion for the woman is like being raped twice, a false fix, gravely harming her and diverting the penalty from the criminal father to the innocent child. Promoting this second rape is a common but inexcusable instance of misguided compassion. Google the name Rebecca Kiessling to hear another very important perspective on this.
  6. Ironically, Cardinal Dolan was allowed to give the closing prayer at the Democratic convention, reciting a number of petitions that included indirect condemnations of what the Democrats just spent three days promoting. As the delegates stood uncomfortably silent the Cardinal prayed for respect for children not yet born in the womb, respect for religious liberty and conscience, and respect for traditional marriage and the family.Translation: The Democratic party needs Dolan to appear as if they respect Catholics while trampling on their religious liberty, and to appear to be spiritual while rejecting the basic tenets of decency shared by all religions on human life and the family.

All of this is not an endorsement of Republicans. It’s only an honest look at the partially hidden agenda of the cultural left displayed proudly at the Democratic National Convention, which sees truth as hate, regress as progress, and backward into the shadow of death by hiding from God as “Forward”. Take courage and begin to disallow the euphemisms of the cultural left that have dominated society for the past four decades from keeping you from the light of life.