Freedom Deserves More Than Lip Service


 March, 2006

The people of the Arab world declared war on freedom and all who defend it when they committed violence around the globe in response to political cartoons depicting their prophet Muhammad. Some even in a flattering light.

 They now believe that Islamic law, always reserved exclusively for those who follow Islam, should be forced upon the infidels of the rest of the world. This quest for world domination by Muslims is no less of a threat than the Nazis were in the early part of the last century.

 Yet, few in the United States have stood on the side of freedom (such as the Philadelphia Enquirer) and published the cartoons, while the vast majority of news outlets condemned the violent actions of mainstream Arabs in the Middle East using only words.

 So, last month, The Valley Patriot decided to take a stand and published the first of 12 political cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a show of unity with the Danes and defiance against the Islamo-Fascists who would force their 7th century barbaric oppression on the rest of the world.

 And, while we didn’t expect any praise, we certainly expected at least ONE other local newspaper to follow our lead in support of free speech. So far, none have. You see, if only a handful of papers print the cartoons, we will surely be a target someday. But if every paper prints the cartoons, it would be impossible to target us all.

 Though we should have known better, we were shocked to see that Eagle~Tribune editor Bill Ketter took the coward’s way out and actually used the phrase “religious sensitivity” in his explanation for why they refuse to publish cartoons the whole world is talking about.

We find it pathetic, to say the least, that the Tribune and other so-called defenders of free speech would pay lip service to supporting the Danish cartoonists while refusing to print the actual cartoons, depriving the public of information they surely deserve to have.

 We believe the public has the right to see all of these cartoons. We also believe that any American newspaper worth reading has an obligation to print them and stand against the tyrants of Islam who want the world on their knees in fear of retribution.

 So, this month we proudly print another cartoon (above right) in the hopes that other Merrimack Valley news outlets will follow our lead.

 If we here in the Valley are so frightened of terrorist retribution that we refrain from printing the truth, the WHOLE truth, then the terrorists have won a major battle against freedom.

 We want to urge our colleagues at Siglo 21, El Planeta, Latino News, El Vocera, the North Andover Citizen, the Andover Townsman, the Haverhill Gazette, El Mundo and others in the Valley to put aside partisan politics and be Americans first, then journalists, Democrats, Republicans and independents second. Print the cartoons and stand up against the 21st century Nazis who want us to fear them. Only then will we truly be walking the walk when it comes to free speech.