From Russia to Black Lives – the Left’s Playbook ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – June, 2020

In 2016, after decades of the culture of death and leftist narrative piped into our minds through the media and academia, the reign of the Left as culture molders was threatened by the election of Donald Trump. They knew they had someone who wouldn’t cower to the narrative, and had to take him down before he nominated enough Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe.

Under Trump, Gorsich and Kavanaugh have been appointed. With Judge Roberts being a wild card, the party of death knows the Court is one sane judge away from their fortress being seriously weakened. With Ginsberg’s health failing they knew they had to take down the president.

For two years straight it was, as Jan Brady might say, Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out, so they turned to another plot – a phone call Trump made with the president of Ukraine, making a deal as he always does. While that got them a House impeachment, and made them feel good, it did nothing to stop or oust the president.

As the 2020 election season neared and RGB still hanging in there despite physical setbacks, the plan shifted to the next election. After disposing of Bernie Sanders for being too blatant and propping up Sleepy Joe Biden, China gave them a gift – the Wuhan virus – tailor made to destroy the economy and bring unrest to the people. If they played their cards right, with Democrat governors shutting down states indefinitely while placing infected people in nursing homes with the elderly, with 24-7 help from the Marxist media the death count and frustration level will be blamed on Trump. After all, people usually vote for the challenger when they aren’t feeling good about themselves and tend to vote for the incumbent when the economy is good.

After several weeks of shutdown, Trump encouraged governors to open their states, and the economy started to come back. Panic for the Left: Bad timing. The misery index peaked too soon before the election. But, then came the tragedy of George Floyd.

Nobody can make light of Mr. Floyd’s death. The facts will be uncovered during the murder trial, but what the camera showed us looked brutal and unnecessary. Yet, as Rahm Emanuel quoting Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

For months, because of Coronavirus lockdowns, dying people have been made to die alone in hospitals and hospices, denied last rites and the presence of family members. Public health requirements, we were told, simply could not be relaxed: No exceptions, not even to support and comfort the dying. Now, however, some of the very same politicians and health professionals who insisted on that rigorous policy are supporting mass demonstrations that, according to them, would pose a much greater threat to public health and safety. Yet, despite the hypocrisy, Phase 5 begins: Racial unrest.

Racism exists: Since we left Eden in a fallen state, many ‘isms exist, and will do so until the last day. But overwhelmingly most people aren’t racist. We all mourn Floyd’s death as we do every injustice. We all want police to use their authority well. We all want people of every ethnicity to realize their potential. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe black lives matter? Homicide statistics alone seem to indicate that too many black people don’t think they matter.
Is the media doing any anyone any favors by showing us nightly looting, burning of cars and churches, like they did in Baltimore a few years back?

Does that help race relations?

Regardless, what is the end or purpose of these demonstrations? MLK’s purpose was clear: Civil laws must change to be in line with natural law. This is the same message of Aquinas and the Church. The purpose of today’s demonstrations and riots is not as clear.

Nevertheless, as always, the only answer is found in God. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas recently said on Fox News that the real way to address racism is to accept Jesus Christ. Although the ‘progressive’ media will trash him for not ‘progressing’ past God, he is right. Two points the world does not understand are critical here: 1) The effects of original and personal sin on our nature taints each individual with a tendency toward selfishness and evil, which only grace – the divine life of God – can heal and elevate. 2) “You cannot love your fellow man if you don’t love God,” Patrick stated in the interview. Even though the world will vehemently dispute this since it knows not what ‘love’ or ‘good’ means anymore, he again is right.

The “peace and love” movement of the 1960s and the progressive movement of today, like Communism and Nazism before them, fail miserably because of their attempt to love neighbor without loving God. It is a proven recipe for disaster. Black lives matter because every human life has the unfathomable dignity of being the image and likeness of God. Without accepting this, I fear this latest cry for social justice will bear little fruit.

Paul is talk host of Beneath the Surface video and radio podcasts, teaches college philosophy and theology, is a staff writer for Church Militant, and a singer-songwriter-musician. Check out Paul’s website at Email him at