Front Runner Tsongas Calls For Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq


Former Congressman Jim Shannon Endorses Tsongas


By: Tom Duggan, May 16, 2007


Niki Tosngas and Marcos Devers
Niki Tsongas and Marcos Devers

Niki Tsongas, the front runner in the race for the 5th congressional district visited the city of Lawrence last night at the opening of her Essex Street headquarters only feet away from city hall.

Tsongas is seeking to replace Marty Meehan who abandoned his position in congress to take a job at the University of Massachusetts after denying to The Valley Patriot that he was even looking to leave his elected post in Washington.

As part of her 24 hour bus tour throughout the district, Tsongas was met by former mayoral candidate Marcos Devers, Lawrence High School teacher Pedro Payano, Carlos Campana and several other Lawrence residents who were responsible for opening the headquarters downtown. A few days ago Andover State Rep. Barry Finegold opened his Lawrence headquarters on Essex St. a few blocks away.

Tsongas was accompanied by former Lawrence Congressman Jim Shannon who endorsed her saying “There is only one candidate that we have running for congress in this district who can really hit the ground running and have a big impact in Washington from the day she gets there …Niki Tsongas.”

Shannon said he had had many opportunities to work with Tsongas on various projects troughout the years, adding “the number one priority has

Niki Tosngas and Jim "lumpy" Shannon
Niki Tosngas and Jim “lumpy” Shannon

to be [to] send a strong voice to Washington and stop wasting the millions in the middle east and bring them home where they can do more good.”

Tsongas of said her number one priority, “it is clear to me that we can no longer pursue a policy of folly in Iraq. And as a member of congress, if elected, I would commit to ending that war and ending it now so we can no longer …” the applause in the room was so loud that Tsongas could to be heard finishing her sentence.

Tsongas is running for the democrat nomination against Lowell city councilor Eileen Donoghue, Andover state representative Barry Finegold, and representatives Jim Miceli and Jamie Eldridge.

Also calling for the surrender of U.S. troops to the Muslim terrorists in Iraq is Lowell city councilor Eileen Donoghue and representative Jamie Eldridge.

Neither Tsongas, Eldridge nor Donoghue have addressed what the U.S. should do to quell the millions of deaths and tortures that will take place

at the hands of the Muslim terrorists once the US leaves the region. In fact, none of the candidates who favor surrendering in Iraq have addressed how to fight the Muslim terrorists around the world who have declared war on the United States.

…and to date, none of them have even listed “defeating the terrorists” as one of their main priorities when listing “health care,” “economic development” and “global warming” as their main issues.