Gen-Z GOP Needs Some Extra TLC

By: Brian Genest – Oct. 2020

Once in a great while, a grassroots political movement emerges and changes our world. Gen Z GOP isn’t one of them. The only thing this group of babies will apparently change is their diapers!

The Massachusetts organizers of this obliviously-young, allegedly-Republican group say they want to build the GOP of the future by staying away from unproductive discourse, attracting the newest generation of voters and providing a better alternative to the left. Translation: They are rabid Never-Trumpers.

One of the first things Gen Z GOP did, to bring people together, was announce opposition to President Trump, MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons and most things Republican. Instead, they want to lecture us about climate change, LGBTQ rights and racial injustice.

Has their vision for the GOP gotten you excited yet?

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Meanwhile, most of us have sweaters older than these kids – and with more life experience.
Need a good laugh? Don’t miss the fascinating feature story describing the fascinating group’s fascinating formation:

“After deep and thoughtful conversations, Mike Brodo and Ryan Doucette found themselves asking, ‘How do we get our message out there? We’re so frustrated with people coming to us and just not understanding why we’re saying what we’re saying against what the president is saying.’

Brodo — whose first engagement within the political realm as a kid was knocking on doors for Marco Rubio’s 2016 campaign in New Hampshire — briefly went inside to get a glass of water when he was hit with an epiphany.

‘I came back and I was like, Ryan, we’re gonna make a podcast,’ Brodo said.”

Riveting, right? Apparently, there was a second epiphany to expand from a podcast to a “full blown organization.”

So how many high school and college students came together to form this GOP movement against Donald Trump? Four, including Brodo and Doucette. In Massachusetts. That’s less than a handful in Charlie Baker’s commonwealth, comrade.

Speaking of Charlie Baker, he must love these kids. Like him, they’re blond-haired, wide-eyed and wicked woke. Like him, they’re afraid of their own Republican shadows. Like him, they whine about President Trump.

If you haven’t heard one of Gen Z GOP’s podcasts, you’re not alone. But you’re in luck.

The American Conservative actually did hear one, but didn’t like it:

“On the podcast, Brodo puts his theory of politics into words, kind of. The three tenets of gen z conservatism: principles, policy, opportunity. We are treated to a rambling explanation of how opportunity is achieved by means of policy that is informed by principle that leads to principled policy for opportunity; the words loop around and swim together in a fog of confusion that seems more the speaker’s than the listener’s.

This is all a grand effort to reintroduce facts and nuance into our political discourse. We need to do away with black-and-white classifications of such nebulous things as politics and morals. We ought to dive into the gray area, and stay there.

They’re fond of calling their efforts nuance signaling. ‘Nuance is interesting,’ Brodo opines, ‘because nuance itself is quite nuanced.’ Hm.”

A friend suggested the boys should forget politics and start a basement band instead (playing Wii “instruments” only, of course). We brainstormed potential band names: Brodo the Dodo & the Lily Whites, Brotherhood of the Butthurt, Spoiled Suburban Snowflakes. We settled on something simple, short and sweet: Charlie’s Angels.

Like Charlie Baker and his teddy bear, these guys probably sleep with their blankies, their binkies and their masks on.

Brian Genest is a member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee representing the Second Essex and Middlesex district of Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Tewksbury. ◊