Giordano Suit Claims Salisbury Official Lisa Pearson Labeled Him a Sex Offender to Stop Board Appointment

By: Tom Duggan – 03-24

Salisbury resident Ron Anthony Giordano has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Salisbury seeking unspecified damages for town officials labeling him a sex offender to stop his appointment to the town’s planning board.

The libel/slander lawsuit was filed alleging that planning director for the Salisbury Planning Board, Lisa Pearson was so hell bent on keeping Ron Giordano off the town’s planning board that she told town officials Giordano was a sex offender and was listed on the state’s sex offender registry.

Giordano says that after applying to be on the board he got a phone call from Salisbury Selectman Michael Colburn asking, “are you a sex offender on the registry?”

The suit claims that Pearson told Selectman Colburn that Giordano was a sex offender. Lisa Pearson threatened to file a lawsuit against the town and selectmen personally if Giordano’s application to the planning board was approved.

Pearson allegedly called other members of the board of selectmen as well, (including Takesian and Parrott), even telling Town Manager Neil Harrington. Giordano’s application was subsequently rejected for those reasons.

In Giordano’s court filings he seeks financial damages detailing the severe anxiety and depression he and his wife have suffered since the 2022 accusation.

The suit list his fear of going out in public in 2022 and that he has had to seek therapy from the false accusations and rumors in the town. He also says he has had difficulty working.

His wife is also named as a plaintiff in the suit for loss of consortium.
Giordano’s suit states that Planning Director Lisa Pearson knew he was not a sex offender and also knew he was not on the sex offender registry when she made the false and defamatory statements.

“His reputation has been damaged by L. Pearson’s false statements and Salisbury’s actions and or inaction. His reputation has been tarnished and he has suffered extreme emotional distress.”

The filing also states that Giordano and his wife have been subjected to “hatred, contempt, and ridicule” since the accusation was made.

“Salisbury declined to appoint R. Giordano to the Planning Board based on false and defamatory statements of L. Pearson. Two unidentified Salisbury employees threatened they would file a lawsuit against Salisbury and ALL Selectmen personally if R. Giordano was appointed to the Salisbury Planning Board, Salisbury declined to do so.”

Friends of the Salisbury Giordano say that he is now also pondering a run for a seat on the Board of Selectman. One friend who did not want to be named said she really hopes Giordano can clear his name and help the town in the process.

“They came after him because he’s not in with the insiders and he actually wants good government. He is asking all the right questions and they hate it! The last thing these political insiders want is someone who calls it straight. Ron Tony calls it straight. So, they went after him.”

The town has hired outside council, Attorney Andrew Simms of Pierce Davis and Perritano.

Simms claimed in court filings that the Town of Salisbury has immunity from Lisa Pearson’s defamatory comments. The Valley Patriot will follow this case and report on its progress. ◊