Gov. Charlie Baker Supports Selfish Drug Addicts But Not Hard Working Americans


By: Bharani Padmanabhan – Oct. 2017

In Whitman this week a confirmed heroin-abusing narcissist in an Audi rammed a Chevy into a truck. The woman driving the Chevy was crushed on the spot. After the crash the drug addict left the other woman dying and ran on foot to meet her drug dealer to purchase $50 worth of heroin.

This is what drug addicts and their choices are. Getting to meet her drug dealer took precedence over calling 911 to save the life of the woman who was dying because of her and her alone.

Apologists claim we should excuse this because addicts’ brains are different from those of us who would have stopped and called 911 to save a human life. Not one day goes by without someone beating that drum in the media.

Soon it will become politically incorrect to state that drug addicts need to be held responsible for their choices. People who say so will be called haters. After all, drug addicts must be treated with reverence and sympathy.

The only reason these apologists like Charlie Baker have kept mum so far about this drug addict is because the woman she killed was the mother of a police officer.

Charlie set the ‘it’s not their fault they’re drug addicts, it’s their doctor’s fault’ ball rolling with his inaugural address where he explicitly blamed doctors for drug addicts overdosing on heroin, even though the parents of the dead addict, he tearfully abused, themselves said their son never got anything from doctors.

Charlie continued demonizing doctors while giving Mexican drug cartels a pass, even after the Boston DEA pointed out the huge onslaught of pills and fentanyl from Mexico. Nope, said Charlie, we need to destroy pain patients to keep the focus away from the Sinaloans.

VP readers have read here about how doctors openly tell patients that they are afraid of losing their license and that they do not prescribe pain medicine for any patient anymore.

Charlie had an absolute victory last week when a friend of mine killed himself because he could not get any doctor in Massachusetts to treat his severe pain. He had been in a horrendous accident back in the 90s where he flew 60 feet through the air and broke 18 bones, including his pelvis. He worked hard for years with metal plates holding him together. All of this was on top of severe arthritis from working hard as a mechanic and from his service in the armed forces.

My friend was forced to seek help from a “pain” doctor affiliated with the Brockton Hospital because his family doctor retired and I was under threat of having my medical license stolen.

The “pain” doctor immediately ordered that he must go off pain medicine completely because Charlie does not want anybody to be on pain medicine at all. I am unable to understand a single legitimate medical reason for taking a 62 year old man totally off pain medicine when it had been safely helping him for ten years to stay active, earn a living and be a grandfather.

Well, Charlie and the compliant Brockton doctor got their wish. My friend killed himself last week because he could not get out of bed due to severe pain, could not do the things he loved, could not be there for his large family and a dozen grandchildren, could not earn a living. He was able to take his Harley out just once this past summer.

When my patients and I went to federal court to get my stolen medical license back, he had hoped that Judge Gorton would quickly do what he must by law. Last month I wrote that Charlie must be bringing tremendous pressure on Judge Gorton. The Judge still hasn’t touched our emergency petition in four months.

I had told my friend to hold on till my license came back so I could help him again as I had done for years. He could hold on only so long, waiting for Judge Gorton to do the right thing.

My friend killed himself because Charlie unlawfully blocked access to a legitimate medical treatment that has been helping humans for thousands of years. He died because he could not get any pain medicine to keep him alive. His death seals the success of Charlie’s policies.

Congratulations Charlie! You just made a law-abiding, hard-working, loyal patriotic veteran kill himself. Savor your victory!