Gr. Boston Sports Collectors Club Athlete Signing

The Valley Patriot’s Shawn Hansen with former Red Sox Slugger Bill Buckner

Question and Answer with Mike Josselyn of Sure Shot Promotions about the 31st Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club athlete signing at the Wilmington Shriner’s Auditorium from November 04-06, 2016.

Q: Out of everyone in the line up this year, who are the Top 3 athletes that you are excited to see?

A: Actually I am looking forward to seeing Dwier Brown. Field of dreams is my favorite movie of all time. Dwier played Costner’s father. I loved the “Wanna have a catch” line as playing catch with my father who was one of the greatest memories I have as a child. He also asked Costner “Is this Heavan?” which was another classic line.” I plan on getting some autographs for me and my siblings as gifts. Being older and loving the Sox/Bruins as a kid I am looking forward to seeing many of those guys who played when I was younger. Paul Silas and Dave Bing are high on the list too. Silas was such a true Celtic. He won titles here, played tough and he has never been back since he left so he is going to do well. Dave Bing is an NBA Top-50 player and Hall of Famer. He had a magical career.


Q: What other athletes are you most excited to see?

A: The 2004 Reverse the Curse guys we are having (Doug Mirabelli, Gabe Kapler and Scott Williamson). Plus the boxers Earnie Dee Shavers + ali said shavers was the hardest hitter he ever fought. Michael and Leon Spinks both Olympic gold medalists and world champions. Micky Ward the boxer who the movie “The Fighter” was made for. Hall of Famers Reggie Jackson (Mr. October), Frank Robinson, Grant Fuhr and Adam Oates.

Q: There is only two Celtics players on the roster this year and no Patriots players, why is that?

A: Still trying to add more Celtics. Patriots, it’s their bye week and most all are going home and didn’t want to attend. We have been busy with the Patriots though. We just had signings with Dont’a Hightower, Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski, Martellus Bennett and this week we will have Danny Amendola coming up.

Q: From all the shows you have had, do you ever get any feedback from the athletes themselves as to what they thought of the show from signing and meeting fans?

A: The athletes love this show. Many reach out to us to attend. They like it because they like to get together with other players and former teammates. We always have a great number of athletes in. You would be surprised how many actually go into the dealer area and shop. Many of the players are collectors and the best variety and deals you get all year are available here this weekend


Q: How many venders will be there this year?

A: We have over 375 tables and a wait list of 40 that’s how popular this show is. If you have a sports fan in your life, come to the show and get a great gift at a fraction of what the normal cost is or on the flip side, if you are looking to sell your collection come down and see our dealers and cash in! They are all looking to buy or if you are just looking to get a value we have appraisers on site to.

Q: As a collector yourself, what is the Top 3 collectibles you have?

A: I have a Tony Conigliaro ball. I got it when I was 9 when my grandfather brought me to get it. I loved Tony C as he was a sure Hall of Famer if he never got hit in the eye. I also have a Hank Aaron jersey. In my mind, he is the true home run champion. My favorite is a game used shirt my son wore when he played in the minors for the Seattle Mariners. Hopefully he won’t charge me too much to sign it.

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