Gun Found in Lawrence City Councilor’s Grisel Silva’s Home

Councilor Grisel Silva Details Gun Incident

By: Tom Duggan – August 11, 2006


Ten days ago a gun was found at the home of Lawrence City Councilor Grisel Silva.

The gun was found by a family member in the bedroom of Silva’s 17 year old learning disabled daughter.

The District “B” city councilor issued a press release at 11:00pm last night stating that her husband called a police officer whom they knew when a member of the family brought the gun to his attention. The Silvas say they turned the gun over to the police officer when he came to their home to question their daughter.

Since then the Silvas have been questioned several times by police and according to Silva, she and her family have “fully cooperated” with law enforcement.

Sources in the police department say that the police officer who received the gun, Albert Inastroza, did not turn the gun in right away and an internal investigation is being conducted to see if Inastroza violated any department policies.

Reached at her home last night, Silva told the Valley Patriot that she and her husband were “sick” over the incident, revealing that her daughter is not living in her home as a result of her bringing a gun into her house. ‘”Listen, there is certain behavior that is just not acceptable in my home and bringing home a gun is one of them,” Silva said.

Below is the press release sent out by councilor Lawrence City Councilor Grisel Silva last night:

About two weeks ago, while my husband and I were not at home, a member of my family found a .22 caliber handgun in my 17 year old learning disabled daughter’s bedroom.

My husband questioned my daughter who admitted to bringing the gun home after finding it on the street. I told her that whether she is my daughter or not the police would have to be called, nobody is above the law in my house.

Within fifteen minutes my husband contacted Lawrence Police Officer Albert Inastroza, an officer that we know and trust, to come to the house, question our daughter, turn the gun over to him and make sure my daughter accepted the consequences of her actions.

Officer Inastroza interrogated her and we did turn the gun over to him that night. He told us that he was going to turn the gun in and warned my daughter that she had better be telling the truth about how she came into possession of the firearm or she would be in even more trouble.

Days later, when contacted by Captain Pierce, we willingly went to the police station and gave a full statement. I have cooperated fully with Lawrence Police at every step of the process and will continue to do so.

As a city councilor and a mother I am very upset that this incident occurred and even more upset that my daughters bad judgment is now in the public eye.

By calling Officer Inastroza and turning the gun over to him it was our intention to make sure that the gun was in the hands of the proper authorities and that the police knew the entirety of the situation.

I apologize to the community if this incident reflects badly on the city of Lawrence.


Grisel Silva