Happy Father’s Day



June, 2011

Father’s Day is June 19th. It’s a day to celebrate fathers all across the country. It is a day to spend time with the man who cared for you, protected you, raised you, guided you, loved you, made personal sacrifices for you, and tried to point you in the right direction whether or not you actually listened to his advice.

With all of the broken families today, many people will be celebrating Father’s Day, not with the man who is their birth father but with a man who chose to step in and fill the role of father, choosing to raise someone else’s children.

That is a special kind of father because many of these fathers have no rights when a relationship with the mother goes bad and sometimes these men get no thanks at all for the sacrifices, care and kindness they gave for the love of someone else’s children.

To all the fathers out there who have cared for or raised their own biological child and especially to those who took the time to help raise someone else’s child, (sometimes with no thanks at all) we say “Happy Father’s Day” to you all!