Haverhill: Council Votes for Mayor’s Parking Plan

By a vote of 6-3, the City council tonight voted for the Mayor’s parking plan, the fourth plan which has been presented to them.

Unlike previous plans, this parking plan did not recommend charging for parking in the downtown.

Voting for the plan were Councilors Hart, Hall, Daley-O’Brien, Scatamacchia, McGonagle, and Quimby. Voting no were councilors Macek, Donahue and Ryan.

 After the vote, Councilor Macek said he would have changed his vote to yes, bringing the total to 7-2.

 The plan called for two hour free parking on Washington and Wingate Streets, free parking in the lots, and strict enforcement with civilian ticket takers. Several councilors objected to the civilian ticket takers. Councilor David Hall, a former police officer, made and impassioned plea for civilians, pointing out that using police officers was three times more expensive.