Haverhill Mayor Hires New DPW Director North Attleboro DPW Chief, Michael Stankovich Coming to Haverhill

Mayor Promotes Robert Ward to Deputy DPW Director




January 5, 2008

 HAVERHILL – Mayor James J. Fiorentini today named Michael K. Stankovich as the City’s new Director of the Department of Public Works. Stankovich comes to Haverhill from North Attleboro, where he has served as DPW Director for over nine (9) years. In his nine years as DPW Director in North Attleboro, Stankovich took a troubled and scandal ridden department and turned it around.

 “I’m pleased to announce the hiring of Mike Stankovich as our new DPW director,” announced Mayor Fiorentini. “Mike brings to Haverhill 23 years worth of experience in all facets of public works management. Mike will be working to implement the reforms and recommendations being made by our consultants, driving customer service principles throughout a more efficient, responsive, streamlined and flexible operation. Mike has the management, leadership and technical know-how to help our DPW do more with less, and do it better,” the Mayor added.

 Mayor Fiorentini also promoted Robert Ward to the position of Deputy Director of Public Works. An engineer, Ward has been the head of the City’s Water and Wastewater Departments and has been Acting Director of Public Works since February, 2006. For this promotion to become effective, the city council must approve the reorganization plan the Mayor plans to present to them in January.

 Stankovich will oversee Highway, Parks, Water, Wastewater and Engineering Departments.

 Michael Stankovich obtained a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Forestry from SUNY-Syracuse. He has his Masters of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.

 Stankovich has experience in all facets of public works and utilities management in 4 different states. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the International City Managers Association, the American Public Works Association, the National Association of Fleet Administrators, the American Water Works Association and the New England Water Works Association.

 Stankovich is recognized for his ‘no-nonsense’ approach to public works management, his success in negotiating collective bargaining agreements, systems reform, as well as his technical expertise in Massachusetts Chapter 90 and 30B procurement procedures. He will be moving to the City and beginning work in February.

 Fiorentini said that what impressed him most about Stankovich was his work in turning a troubled DPW in North Attleboro around.

 “Nine years ago, the Department of Public works in North Attleboro was going through a series of difficulties and scandals, all too similar to the problems Haverhill is facing today. North Attleboro decided to turn to an outside professional, Michael Stankovich, to turn their DPW around. In nine (9) years, he turned a troubled department into a top notch public works department, recognized as one of the best in the State. Mr. Stankovich turned around North Attleboro, and I am confident he can do the same in Haverhill.”

 Fiorentini said that at the same time as the nomination, he would submit to the city council a plan to reorganize the Department of Public works. The reorganization will eliminate several unfilled positions, and change the current position of Water, Waste Water director to Deputy Director of Public Works.

 Fiorentini said that if the reorganization is approved, he will promote current water, waste water director Robert Ward to that position.

 “Robert Ward has done as excellent job in filling in a highway director, and acting director of the Department of pubic works.” Mayor Fiorentini said. “I truly appreciate all that Bob has done and, if the reorganization is approved, I will promote him to the position of Deputy DPW director.”

 “Together, Mike Stankovich and Bob Ward create a ‘dynamic duo’ whose collective talents will positively impact the lives of all of the citizens of the City,” lauded the Mayor.

 Under the city charter, the appointment of Mr. Stankovich does not require city council approval. The reorganization requires council approval.