Haverhill Narcotics Team Make Several Drug Arrests in Bradford – Money, Drugs Seized

HAVERHILL – APRIL 18, 2014 HaverhillDrugs1Alert residents of the South Pleasant St. section of Bradford reported they observed unusual activity consistent with drug sales and usage in their neighborhood. Haverhill Narcotic Detectives conducted a four day surveillance resulting in the arrest of 11 people.

The arrests included 3 men who pulled into a business parking lot to use heroin.

In a separate incident, 2 men were arrested in a different business parking lot using heroin. A young woman from New Hampshire was arrested after she purchased heroin in Bradford and 2 men were arrested for selling marijuana in Central Square.

Additionally 1 man was arrested after pulling into a parking lot to use a Class B substance and another was arrested on an outstanding warrant. The surveillance ended with the arrest of a Lawrence man who was charged with distribution and trafficking of heroin.

Over 140 grams of heroin were seized, valued at approximately $8,000.00; $3,800.00 was also seized.

Today it appears that people purchasing heroin will often look for a close place to use the drug. Often it is a business parking lot or just a parking spot on a side street. If you are seeing unusual activity in your neighborhood or work place, please let us know.

You can call and speak with a detective or you can leave a message on our tip line.