Haverhill Student Arrested for Bringing Gun, Knife to School

WhittierOctober 23, 20115|1:15pm

HAVERHILL – Haverhill Superintendent James Scully said today that a student at the John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School was arrested for bringing a knife and an airgun to school.

“The Haverhill Police were immediately notified and responded,” Scully said in a press release Friday morning.

“The student was removed from the building and was placed under arrest.  It appears the student had an air gun that had a similar appearance to a handgun and also had a folding knife in his backpack.”

Scully aid that the building “was placed in a ‘stay in place mode’ for a brief period. The incident was handled expeditiously and efficiently.”

Haverhill Police say there is no further threat to the school, which has resumed normal operations.

“The drills and practices that we routinely perform in our school system proved to be of great value and all responses were appropriate.  Everyone was safe during the entire incident which transpired in matter of moments.  I gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and team work between the Haverhill Police  and the Haverhill Public Schools.”

School Committeeman Scott Wood told The Valley Patriot, “Thank you to the Haverhill Police Department and the staff at JGW. They responded quickly and according to plan without flaw.”