Helen Bousquet Death to Lead to Changes in Legislature


After what has been months of filing complaints with everybody from The Methuen Police to The White House, what her son Brian Evans wanted is coming to fruition.

His mother did not die for nothing.

State senator Bruce Tarr will seek to add legislation as a result of her death on October 5th at The Holy Family Hospital, specifically, the standard of care.

“This was very important to me, and not even four months after she passed on, legislation will be proposed as a result of what so egregiously happened to my mother,” says Evans. “The standard of care, written mostly by physicians, will see changes being made and that will result in saving the lives of thousands of people throughout Massachusetts. That means everything to me, and now my mother can say that she did more with her life, in addition to being the best mother I could ever want, than I’ll ever do with my own.”

Actor Tom Hanks has posted an introduction on her website at www.helenbousquet.com

“I wish I had my mother back, but hopefully this is the beginning of what will change the standard of care for everybody, so that you don’t have to go through what she did. It doesn’t bring her back, but it will make sure another son doesn’t have to go through this event for which there is no pill to give you so that you can understand it. I never want you to know the feeling, and neither does my mother. God is smiling today. At her. I’m just the messenger. I didn’t suffer the way she did.”

 The DPH is being asked to expand their investigation into Helen Bousquet after it was learned that Chris Duerr, the investigator for the DPH, failed to interview one single witness who could combat statements made by doctor’s and nurses who told witnesses something other than they told her. Duerr then concluded her investigation based solely on what she was told by Steward Health Care employees.

 Governor Patrick just appointed a Steward Health Care System executive as the new Health Secretary of Massachusetts.