Helping Our Community With Pawsitive Programming ~ Clear Path for Veterans New England


Clear Path New England’s (CPNE) Canine Programming consists of service dog training, obedience training, community fosters, and puppy development.

At CPNE we continue to provide Service dogs to Veterans and service members that have been diagnosed with PTSD, TBI, and/or MST.

These highly trained and certified dogs make a tremendous difference in a veteran’s life. With the help of these service dogs, veterans can start the healing process by giving them a connection and bond that can’t be compared to anything else.

Through companionship, training, and trust, dogs have proven to be instrumental in the healing process of these veterans giving them the tools they need to better deal with stress levels and emotions and ultimately help the veterans be the person they used to be.

Our dogs are trained to do specific tasks that are dependent on that veteran entering our program. PTSD is a very comprehensive diagnosis where not every symptom is exactly the same for every veteran.

We train our dogs on grounding tasks related to veteran specific triggers they may see themselves encountering on a daily basis.

We are constantly thinking outside of the box trying to find ways to mitigate symptoms related to PTSD/MST/TBI.

Words become hard to find when you see a veteran and their dog just ‘Click’, you can start to feel the bond and mutual respect build. We are training more than a dog, we are making a “team”.
The veteran really starts to understand this and respects the intelligence of these dogs.

They truly learn how to communicate on a whole different level.

It’s really a special thing to watch and be part of!” ◊