Hey Guys Sequester This!!

By: Jeff Katz

katz (3)It has been nothing short of fascinating to read, watch and listen to the histrionics currently being visited upon the American people by the current occupier of the Oval Office. The end is near, the oceans will once again rise, teachers will be kicked in the shins, people will be turned into soylent green and oh, the end is near! The Dear Leader continues to shout that the sky is falling and it’s all the fault of those damned Republicans. It is the usual Obama rhetoric but something interesting is happening. For the first time in the past four years, it appears as if the main stream media water carriers are just a little tired of the moaning.

Now, let me be clear. There has been a valiant effort made by the White House staffers currently stationed at MSNBC, but many of the usual Obamatons seem paralyzed and unable to channel their inner Alinsky this time around. Even as the smartest president in history has badly mangled that whole Jedi Vulcan thing, the usual ego boosting suspects have been sitting fairly quiet on the sidelines.

If I were the president I’d be wondering what a guy needs to do to get a little love from these faux journalists. They used to fawn all over him in passionate attempts to assuage their heartfelt feelings of guilt, but now…not so much. Time was all that the former junior senator from Illinois had to do was to blame the mean, nasty evil Republicans and he could get a little kiss, but not on this sequester thing. Maybe those phony reporters have noticed that even with the sequester firmly in place everything seems to be rolling along just fine. I don’t know what color the sky is in their world, but at least it has not fallen.

What seems to be happening is that real people living in the real world, far away from the Potomac bubble have figured out that asking the bloated Federal government to cut 2% out of the rate of growth is hardly a crisis no matter how much bloviating is occurring at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Real people are dealing with real unemployment close to 15% and family size jars of peanut butter which now sells for $8.00. Of course one of the major problems with trying to blame the sequester thing on Republicans, is that it was a White House plan from the very beginning. It has got to be difficult to be the leader of the left and find that now something as insignificant as the truth has become a stumbling block in ginning up yet another phony crisis. Don’t worry Mister President, Hollywood and the Nobel Committee still love you!