Hey Lowell… Just Call it Like it is

 By: John MacDonald – 8-24-17

The delay by the MSBA, due to pending litigation (Thanks to Ed Kennedy and the Lowell School Committee) to table the vote to move the LHS project to Cawley has sent us all a clear message. Mayor Kennedy, the majority of the Lowell School Committee, Senator Eileen Donoghue and a select few Pro Downtown LHS High School supporters have demonstrated their true colors. Their fight to keep the high school in the Downtown has nothing to do with anything, other than keeping it out of their own back yard.

The ethical conflict of interest on this issue is staggering. Mayor Kennedy along with City Councilor John Leahy, Bill Samaras and Jim Millanazo all live in the Belvidere Neighborhood and home to Cawley Stadium, which is supposed to be the future location of Lowell High School. Lowell School Committee Members Gendron, Martin and Hoey all live in Belvidere, as does chief manipulator State Senator Eileen Donoghue. All are hell bent on keeping the Lowell High School out of their affluent neighborhood. Ethically this affects them personally. They should all have recused themselves, but alas… why would they? They aren’t concerned with appearances of ethics violations at this point. It’s a war for them.

The “anti-progress” elected officials (I can’t call them leaders, because leaders wouldn’t jeopardize future generations of Lowell school kids.) have demonstrated they will say or do anything to prevent a new high school from being built in their neighborhood. They have demonstrated that they don’t care about you, your kids, the downtown businesses or Lowell’s future.

This group has pretended to care about the poor and the disadvantaged. This group has proclaimed to be pro-business, while supporting the eminent domain taking of successful businesses; all as not to sacrifice the sanctity of their own neighborhood… Perceived sanctity that is. They have started petitions, promised unity until they lost, spent marketing dollars on mail pieces with erroneous information (lies). They have ignored health risks at the current high school location and rejected evidence from other remodeling projects in the state that have put the health of school children at risk. Why? Again, to protect their own property and neighborhood. They proclaim to represent the entire city, yet show no interest in the rest of the city… it’s all about Clark Road. Perhaps they should annex their properties? Petition the state? Have their own post office? Clarksville?

That’s what’s happening. That’s what we have. But… what the rest of us have is the ballot box!

Citizens of Lowell you have the fait and power in your hands to eliminate backdoor politics, subversion and a clear and present danger to the progress of our wonderful city. Progress and future generations of Lowellians are stake. Mayor Kennedy and his band of cohorts would rather take you towards a path of receivership than success. They would rather Lowell emulate cities like Holyoke, Chelsea and Springfield than risk a new High School in their own neighborhood. They would rather be a disastrous dream than a shining city on a hill. They care nothing about Lowell’s reputation. Again why? Simple… Pure hatred for the rest of Lowell and their sickness called selfishness.

In addition, they are working hard for a majority on both elected bodies, so they can throw out City Manager Murphy and install Eileen Donoghue or some other crony as the new city manager. Ensuring no high school in Belvidere, continued control of the city, weak economic development, more homeless and social services for your downtown. But remember, they will just drive around the downtown…  straight out 133 or that clear path of Rogers Street onto 495. What downtown?   


So… it’s time to pick a team. I’ll share with you the most capable people on the ballot for City Council and Lowell School Committee. (Share this, cut it out, bring it with you to the polls)

City Council – VOTE FOR

Current City Councilors – Rodney Elliott, Rita Mercier, Jim Leary, Dan Rourke and Corey Belanger.

Challengers for City Council – Matt LeLacheur, Dan Finn, Robert Gignac and Paul Ratha Yem

Lowell School Committee – VOTE FOR

Current School Committee Member – Andy Descoteaux 

Challengers for Lowell School Committee – Dennis Mercier, Tim Blake, Dan Shanahan and Noelle Rowe Creegan.

Here’s your slate that will move Lowell past an entrenched political class and will provide Lowell with a positive future, responsible spending and positive progress. Anything less… than just drive to the City of Chelsea, Springfield or Holyoke and get a preview of what your future will become.