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BOOK1Hidden Passions: Kamboj Princess Rukmani

by Summerita Rhayne
© 2014 by Summerita Rhayne
Kindle Unlimited – 130 pgs.
5.00 Bookmarkers

The story is set in India, in the Early Middle Ages, before societal norms restricted women.

War sets the stage as the introduction to the story. The Kamboj Family was among the several clans that lost to Samrat Deveshwaraya, the king of the many lands.
Resentful, at first, at her father’s lands being controlled by the Samrat, Rajkumari soon realizes that King Devesh is unlike any royal she has known.

Royals had considered it the norm to treat the farmers with disdain. Deveshwaraya had been a farmer before becoming king. He helped usher in a new way of thinking that no one was entitled. He planned to hold all the royals accountable for their behavior.

Rajkumari, the youngest in the Kamboj royal family, finds that politics and the king’s low birth status, now competed with love and happiness. As a result of his low status her family is against their daughter having any relationship with the Samrat, the king.

Many novels are pat, there is a formula and the reader can deduce, from the genre and characters, how the story line will end. With this book I was pleasantly surprised; I had no idea how the story would be resolved, the mark of a well thought out plot and the writer’s ability.

Limited characters do not suffer from the plot line. I am so tired of reading books that have so many characters that I need a scorecard to keep them sorted.

This is the best book I’ve ever read where, with basically two characters, the story holds up. This author’s ability to weave a coherent tale is really remarkable. I will certainly be reading more of this author. And, I would recommend others to do the same.

Though the author gave vivid descriptions of what the characters looked like and what they wore, words like uttariya, kanuchuki, and kayaband, were foreign to me. So, after reading the book I subsequently Googled the clothing. Beautiful and interesting. Doing so added depth to this reader’s experience.
There were a couple of awkward sentences, or typos, but they really did not impact the story much. Example: “He sounded like her he was flirting …”
Perfect for summer reading at the beach or winter reading during a snow storm. The story keeps the reader hooked until the end.

For anyone looking for something different I would highly recommend reading this book.

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