Hit and Run Driver Knocks Car into Building Causing Car/House Fire in Lawrence

(c) 2018 - Copyright Tom Duggan, The Valley Patriot
(c) 2018 – Copyright Tom Duggan, The Valley Patriot

In the early hours of Sunday morning Lawrence police and fire were called to Chester Street for a car crashed into a house. Within seconds of the first radio call, another emergency was dispatched that the car had caught fire and the fire was spreading to the house.

As firefighters worked diligently to put out the fire that melted away the siding on the home it crashed into, police talked to witnesses who said that the car had only crashed after being hit by another car that did not stop.

Lawrence police searched the area for a car with MA Firefighter plates as the hit and run vehicle. Within a few short minutes officers found the car still running inside a garage on South Bowdoin Street (just six blocks away) with the driver still inside.

Police called for assistance from the fire department to get into the garage, located the suspect and put him in an ambulance after he claimed to feel dizzy upon being caught.