House Members Under Tight Deadlines to File Legislation for New Session



By: Linda Dean Campbell – Feb. 2017

The deadline for filing and co-sponsoring legislation guaranteed to receive a public hearing occurs a few weeks after the session starts. While we shall file additional more complex bills later, here are those that I have filed before the deadline:

Recreational Marijuana (HD1494).

 Changes the composition of the Marijuana Advisory Board to include additional members with expertise in substance abuse; mental health; and municipal affairs. It also adds representatives designated by both the legislature and law enforcement community;

• Bans individuals regulating the marijuana industry from receiving any income from that industry;

• Prohibits individuals in the marijuana industry from contributing to public officials holders that have influence over decisions made about the industry;

Police Training (HD3570). Ensures that every community in Massachusetts has a police officer trained and available to interact with individuals presenting significant mental and behavioral health crises;

Washing Machines for Fire Departments (HD3547). Establishes a grant program and municipal bulk purchasing program to assist municipal fire departments in purchasing industrial washing machines. This is a very important cancer prevention method for firefighters;

Lung cancer screening for Firefighters (HD3561). Mandates screening and insurance coverage for lung cancer screening for firefighters who have disproportionally high incidents of lung cancer;

Reporting Drug overdose deaths (HD2572). This bill requires that drug overdose fatalities be reported to local police departments and to the Department of Public Health quickly to facilitate more effective targeting of narcotics trafficking;

School buses and Public Safety (HD2254). Authorizes local jurisdictions to operate digital video installed on the outside of school buses for the purpose of detecting and enforcing violations against the owner of a motor vehicle whose vehicle fails to stop for a school bus when required to do so;

Preventing abuse against persons with intellectual disability or developmental disability (HD1493). Creates a registry for caretakers that are found guilty to have committed crimes of abuse or financial exploitation against individuals with disabilities;

Civics Education in Public Schools (HD2189). This legislation would create a flexible civics requirement for K-12 schools in MA requiring that children complete no less than two civics based projects which can be integrated into existing curricula; provides opportunity and incentives to all 8th grade students to take their U.S citizenship test as well as help high school students register to vote;

Financial literacy in high schools (HD3554). Provides a flexible requirement that students receive financial literacy as part of the curriculum of at least one class in high school;

Veterans Property Tax Abatement (HD3565). Provides tax relief to landlords who rent homes to veterans and their families at rates below the market value;

Observance of Massachusetts Women’s Defense Corps Remembrance Day (HD2259). Recognizes the important contribution made by women serving state-side during World War II;
An Act Relative to Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders (H. 1221).

Filed on behalf of Fran Gradzewicz of Methuen ensures that the legal wishes of individuals are honored in their end-of-life care;

Please continue to contact me on all issues that are important to you or for any assistance you may need in navigating state government. (617.722.2000)
Vice Chair Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security/Committee on Ways and Means