How Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Lifestyle – by Jerry Valley

JerryValley2By: Jerry Valley – March, 2014

This month the Valley Patriot welcomes world famous hypnotist Jerry Valley as an exclusive monthly columnist on hypnosis.

When a person watches a good, ethical and clean hypnosis show, it might, in many cases, interest that person to seek out a clinical NGH certified consulting hypnotist for some self-improvement in his/her life.

Stage hypnotists do shows for remuneration but also to enlighten the public that this is not the only aspect of hypnosis. The ethical stage hypnotists usually do their best to actually promote the clinical side by mentioning the various categories that can be improved in many cases. We works with many categories such as painless childbirth, smoking cessation, relaxation and stress reduction, ADD/ADHD for children and adults, improved athletics for novices and professionals, how to improve study habits and how to pass exams, phobia removals, alcoholism and substance abuse. Hypnosis is NOT a cure all, but it does work for those persons who are open to it and who accept and follows our suggestions.

Let me explain exactly how hypnotic suggestions work. Some years ago, I was featured on the TV show “20/20.” In that show, John Stosell made this statement: “The hypnotist gives the client the suggestions but THE CLIENT MUST HAVE THE DESIRE FOR THE SUGGESTION TO WORK.”

With that being said, I must say that hypnosis today is being widely accepted by the general public and the medical community also. I have had a number of physicians come to me for stress reduction and other categories.

Now, we are pleased to introduce the exciting and dynamic method for permanent weight loss………..The Gastric Band procedure. This Non-surgical methodology is used in place of the actual surgery which is costly, invasive and can in some cases have many side effects. The other problem with the actual surgery is that, while the client can lose the weight, they, in many cases, regain the weight because their behavior towards food and their bodies has NOT been changed. With the hypnotic gastric band, the client subconsciously believes that a band has been placed around the top of the stomach and when that small pouch is satisfied, they stop eating. It is safe, inexpensive and no side effects. We have a very good number of clients who have lost a significant amount of weight….and they keep it off. Tommy Vee and I have been enjoying a 98% success rate over a 2 year period.

Let me explain why we do hypnosis shows and why we also work with clients in private sessions.

There have been so many opinions about stage hypnosis that I thought this would be a good time to clear some of the misconceptions and misleading comments. Please do not think that this is my platform for controversy but I only offer this article for your information only.

I have done both stage and “clinical” hypnosis for over 44 years and have never performed an “R” or “X” rated show. My son, Tommy Vee, a great stage hypnotist, and I have also worked successfully with thousands of clients as NGH Consulting Hypnotists in helping them improve their lives.

Very often, when Tommy does a local show, which is always clean and ethical, we get calls from people who become clients at our office in Methuen, Massachusetts. Because they were enthralled and fascinated by the experiments in the show, they became aware that possibly hypnosis could help them improve their lives. Hence, we increase our client base. When we are in other cities, like the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY, where over 80,000 people have seen my show, I always mention going to the local, NGH certified consulting hypnotist…….and a good number do just that. Some of my Alumni in the Buffalo area are very happy with my suggestions to the audiences to seek help from these NGH certified consulting hypnotists. This is a perfect example that good stage shows actually enhance the practice of hypnosis by qualified and certified hypnotists.

Now, I concede that stage hypnotism is not for everyone just as consulting hypnosis is not for everyone. With that being said, I truly believe that stage shows are here to stay and, if done properly and ethically, they can help our profession attain greater status and acceptance by the general public and the medical profession as well.

In our office, we get many referrals from physicians, psychologists, therapists and other successful clients as well. We are not trying to change the entire world or to suggest that stage work is for all, but only to give all of us more good exposure to many individuals who are seeking alternative methodology to make beneficial changes in their lifestyles.

I also understand, and accept, that some very good consulting hypnotists will probably never condone stage shows, and that is fine. But, for those that feel this venue, done properly, just might be a good tool to enlighten the public, increase your client base and move our cause for acceptance forward, I say: “Try it…you might like it….my clients do.”

Jerry Valley has performed over 10,000 shows worldwide. He is also an NGH certified hypnotherapist and has helped thousands of clients improve their lifestyles….AN EXHIIRATING EXPERIENCE THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET”, You can contact Jerry at the Valley Hypnosis Center, 236 Pleasant Street, Methuen, MA 01844, 978-688-6657. You can e-mail him at: