How We Got Here: Disintegration is Death

lesbian-same-sex-marriage2By: Paul MuranoJune, 2015

Two monumental things occurred this past week: the Irish vote on “same-sex marriage” and the media embrace of Bruce Jenner’s claim to being a woman. How did we get here? As I’ve mentioned on my radio show Beneath the Surface, we have either entered an era of insanity, or enlightenment. Let us go beneath the surface to trace how western culture has recently evolved (or devolved) in what seems to be such a short time.

We start with the observation that integration is life. When bodily organs are integrated into one system it means life for the individual. The integrated union of man and woman in marriage means life for the family. The union of families gives life to community, social organizations, cities, and nations. Conversely, dis-integration brings death, death to persons, marriages, families, communities, and nations. This fundamental principle and its rejection undergirds three precursors – two ideas and one material element – that radically changed our thinking on what it means to be human in merely two generations.

The first anthropological principle of disintegration is dualism, which separates person from body. It sees the inner and outer man as two entities, not one. Rather than recognizing the body as the physical manifestation of the person, the inner person with his feelings, desires, and psychological perceptions is given the green light to manipulate his body at will, as if the body is something superfluous like clothing. Bodily mutilation and acts contradicting proper bodily function become “optional” and are no longer understood to be self-abuse and symptoms of an objective disorder.

The second anthropological principle of disintegration is radical individualism, which separates individual from species. This means rejecting human nature as the common essence all people share. Rather than recognizing everyone sharing in the pool of humanity, we see ourselves as isolated individual beings without form or definition. Being human, therefore, means whatever each person says it means for them. There is no objective criteria, no natural law, by which to guide one’s actions other than one’s desires and will.

These two false philosophies of man – radical Dualism and radical Individualism – became popular in the 1960’s and may now have reached their zenith. However, the dis-integration of person from body, and of individual from species, needed a material catalyst to enable them to be lived out. The only way the disintegration of body from soul, and of person from community, could be realized concretely is through closing the gap between individual and community – a gap naturally bridged by family. In other words, if a way could be found to disintegrate sex from procreation and from marriage, the death of individual-family-community would be complete. The birth control pill was that material element.

The birth control pill was patented in 1960. Fifty years ago this week the Supreme Court legalized contraception in its Griswold vs. Connecticut decision. In the past 50 years, therefore, America has learned to separate love from life, ironically diminishing both. The disintegration of sex from baby-making provided the premise for approval for all “adult” activity for selfish fun, denigrating marriage and the family while also fueling the dualism and individualism of the modern era.

We now find ourselves in an intellectual quicksand with no out in sight. “Same sex marriage” must be accepted because homosexual acts cannot be seen as disordered. Transgenderism must be accepted because bodily manipulation mutilation have become the norm with contraception and sterilization. We can already hear the drum beat for polygamy, polyamory, pedophilia, and bestiality becoming accepted as logical extensions of the contraception mentality completing the disintegration principle.

As the material catalyst for the culture of death, the birth control pill has not only caused havoc on a woman’s body ecology (, not only has it enabled men to use women and marriage to be tainted, but in the past 50 years we have also gone from seeing love, marriage, sex, family, and community as integrated features of the natural order to entering an era of insanity and a culture of death.

The only way to reverse this 50 year curse, a quicksand that most do not even realize they are in, is to reject the foundation of this modern house of cards. Integration is life, and the pill kills ( 50 years of ignorance and disintegration can be, and must be, reversed. Yet, since sanity will be seen more and more as “radical” and even blasphemous as we continue down this road, we must also pray for people of courage to stand up and challenge the prevailing mentality, just as the proverbial child told the emperor he had no clothes on.