Republicans Need Laurie Myers Candidate for Republican State Committeewoman in the Third Middlesex District




I’ve known Laurie Myers for more than 20 years. As a victim advocate and a strong conservative Laurie is exactly what the fractured Massachusetts GOP needs right now.

Laurie Myers is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and is an experienced grassroots activist who successfully worked to change child protection laws and policy in Massachusetts during a time when it seemed that it couldn’t be done.

She is a strong supporter of our President and his agenda of making America first, more importantly putting Americans first.

What the Massachusetts GOP needs most right now is someone who will be able to work with both sides of the divided Massachusetts Republican Party and has the character and ability to bring people together, so that the GOP can fight against the anti-victim, anti-police agenda of the state Democratic Party on Beacon Hill.

As a strong advocate for police and victims of crime, I know better than anyone how important it is to have someone like Laurie working to protect our cops and victims of crime from inside the state GOP.

Laurie has the experience and tools to recruit new talent and move the Republican Party forward and her determination will serve her well.  Laurie’s goals are:

Cut waste and abuse in government

Stand with Law Enforcement

Oppose Massachusetts becoming a Sanctuary State

Encourage business and job growth

Lower taxes

For the reasons stated above, I join Taunton Mayor Shauna O’Connell, Former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey, Weymouth Mayor Bob Hedlund, House Minority Leader Representative Brad Jones, and Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis in their endorsement of Laurie Myers for Republican State Committee in the Third Middlesex District.