Humanitarian Crisis? Try Invasion!

katz (3)By: Jeff Katz – July, 2014

When you look for the definition of a nation, you immediately will see that there is mention of a specified piece of territory with clearly defined borders. From there, the accepted definition branches out in to the areas of common language and shared values but at the very core, fundamental to the very idea of a sovereign country is the idea that a land area is clearly defined and that explicit borders are established. So riddle me this, what has happened to the United States of America?

Time was, our borders were protected and defended in the strongest of ways. There was no malice present in the effort to secure our nation, just the honest desire to keep order. We needed to control the entry of people the same way that we all look through the peephole in the front door before we open it. While the ideals of American exceptionalism have always provided a beacon to those seeking a better life, the process of entry was a lawful and orderly one.

In order to pursue the American dream, we laid out rules to be followed. Pretty simple and straight forward. You needed to have some type of a skill which could be useful here. You had to have a sponsor who could support you so that you did not become a burden on the rest of the country. You needed to learn English.

For the first time in our history, a sitting President of the United States now seems to be more concerned with bringing in illegal aliens than keeping them out. Not just any illegal aliens either, but tens of thousands of so-called unaccompanied minors. While the media has painted these fine young folks as cherubic little tots, the fact is that most of these tykes are far past their terrible twos. Most of our unexpected guests are actually teenage males between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. Oh, and while we’ve been told that they are fleeing violent situations, the fact is that many of them are already gang affiliates who are looking to practice the criminal arts here in the U.S.

Seventy percent of the Border Patrol is now detailed to making sandwiches and doing laundry at the new refugee camps instead of standing guard on the border. Diseases which we eradicated decades ago are now present again thanks to the influx of illegal aliens. Commercial airliners and government buses are transporting the illegal immigrants all over the country in an effort to relocate them at taxpayer expense.

The President may call this a humanitarian crisis, but invasion seems to be a more appropriate term.

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