Hypocrisy in North Andover, Ignoring the “Health Experts” ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (06-23)


Last month, attendees at North Andover Town Meeting overwhelmingly voted to ban the use of plastic bags for all businesses in town over 3,000 sq. feet. When we say it was overwhelming, we mean the measure won by more than 90%.

Citizen after citizen (many still wearing masks three years after COVID) took to the microphone, urging everyone to “follow the science” and be scared of “climate change” fantasizing about how we were all going to save the planet by banning plastic bags in one town.

Yet, they were ignoring the “science” that led to us using plastic bags in the first place.

Thirty years ago, we were told by the “experts” that we needed to stop using PAPER bags because we were depleting the rain forest and causing global warming.

Of course, back then the scare tactic narrative was called “global cooling.”

It seemed as though the Democrat Party activists were engaging in situational ethics, choosing which “science” fad to follow and which to ignore, based only on their political party’s agenda.

Didn’t they care about the rain forest?


Consider this. These same left wingers spent the last three years using every scare tactic imaginable to get you to wear cloth masks (that don’t stop transmission of COVID) and take vaccines (that have never been proven effective), because the scientists said so.

“TRUST THE HEALTH EXPERTS” they screamed any time someone dared to question the effectiveness of vaccines or cloth masks.

“FOLLOW THE SCIENCE” they shrieked at meeting after meeting, painting a picture of mass doom for humanity because the “experts” said the unvaccinated and unmasked were going to kill us all. The public debate became so irrational that a majority of democrats polled said that the unvaccinated needed to be “locked up.”

So much for “preserving democracy.”

Keeping all this in mind, we were convinced that the lefties at Town Meeting who started off in favor of the plastic bag ban – would completely change their minds when Michelle Davis (chairman of the North Andover Board of Health) – told Town Meeting voters that the board unanimously opposed the bag ordinance.

These were the “health experts.”

When asked why the board opposed the ban, Davis said the data (IE: the “science”) on the effectiveness of this ordinance “was inconclusive” at best.

We thought for sure that following the science and trusting the experts meant exactly that. At least to those who chanted it for three straight years.

But we were wrong. These same, mask-wearing climate alarmists had no interest in “trusting health experts” or “following the science.”

It was as if the last three years never happened, and it was all a bad dream.

But it wasn’t a dream.

It was a stunning display of arrogance and hypocrisy as they all preferred to follow the directives of their political party in supporting the plastic bag ban, against the “health experts” and “the science.”

Remember that the next time liberals in North Andover start preaching about “science” and “experts.”

Those words only mean something when it suits their party’s political agenda.◊