Hypocrisy, Insanity, and the Devil’s Playbook ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – Feb. 2020

It is bewildering how much comfort there is with inconsistency and contradiction today. We live in an era when logical consistency no longer matters. Truth and justice have taken a back seat to the attempt to fit everything into a man-made ideological narrative.

This is particularly evident in the many who preach tolerance and ‘civil liberties;’ and yet themselves are the most intolerant among us. Those who preach acceptance demand that everyone’s point of view conform to their ideology. Those who criticize this president for his course language are the same people who have been tearing him to shreds with calumny and slander every day of the news cycle since he’s been elected.

Such hypocrisy is easy to see across central themes of the day. Those who support feminism kowtow to transgender ideology that allows biological men to compete in women’s sports, creating an unfair advantage. Those who fight for the disadvantaged have no problem killing them before birth. And those who champion the poor are the elites of the Democratic Party who use them to maintain their power.

There’s more. Those obsessed with protecting children from abuse are often those who allow drag queens into elementary schools, allow homosexual “couples” to adopt them, and fight for hormone treatments on gender-confused children. All of this is child abuse, molded tightly into an ideological narrative.

We live in a society that condemns suicide but pushes euthanasia; fights drugs but over-medicates people; frowns on illicit sex but condones pornography; loves education but hates truth, and pampers children but kills over a third of them before birth. It’s no wonder that so many young people are confused and depressed.

Never has this level of hypocrisy and insanity been so widely permeated. As rule of thumb, when there is such irrationality and hatred it is not unreasonable to postulate a movement of demonic activity and influence. Such activity can be outlined in the following from “The Devil’s Playbook for Contemporary Times: Hell’s 7-step plan to weaken the Church and attack the world.”

1) Inspire the creation of the birth control pill, knowing it will cause a sexual revolution and culture of death, gravely violating human nature and God’s law.

2) Inspire the media and academia — the two culture molding establishments of our times — to persuade the masses to seek “freedom” from God by molding their minds to accept the lies of their ideology, in other words, to create a Secular Progressive movement.

3) De-fang the Church by infiltrating the clergy with men suffering from SSAD (same-sex attraction disorder), knowing that a SSAD priesthood will remain silent on sexual morality. Watch as the sexual revolution evolves into a culture of death and destroys the souls of countless sheep abandoned by their shepherds.

4) Listen with delight to the deafening silence from Church pulpits as the pill lays the groundwork for a fornication culture that inevitably demands an abortion culture. This will lead to a divorce culture and breakdown of the family.

5) As the family breaks down, make sure to use the natural self-loathing that comes from sexual sin to harden hearts and blind minds to the fundamental truths of human nature. Inspire politicians to have government take up the slack left by dysfunctional families – creating a socialist society.

6) As thousands of preborn children are slaughtered each day due to the demonic premarital sex culture created by the pill, and as suicide rates ascend to new heights, begin to emasculate men to fear feminists. Cheer wildly as countless souls, marriages, and families die due to the void in moral leadership left by clergy and fathers by their scandalous silence and lack of courage.

7) Watch gleefully as the western world commits societal suicide, imploding from within for lack of faith and a depopulation crisis that necessitates hordes of immigrants as a temporary fix, legal and illegal. Delight in the death – spiritual, physical, and cultural – due largely to all the fallout from the contraception revolution begun in the 1960s and 70s.

Post-script: Continue the relentless attack, and hope the Church does not become purified and strengthened once again. If Catholics were Catholic, we would have no chance. The Church has always been the only obstacle standing in our way, keeping our plans from succeeding.

Paul Murano is talk host of ‘Beneath the Surface’ radio and video podcasts, teaches college philosophy and theology, and is a staff writer/producer. Check out Paul’s website at Paulmurano.com. Email him at PJDM@aol.com.