I Have a Dream

I have a Dream

I have a dream, that one day our people will rise up to take on its responsibilities as a free nation; that it will realize the potential of its humanity and recognize the full dignity of each human being – black or white, Asian or Latino, male or female, disabled or healthy, born or unborn, at any stage of maturity. This dream includes a restoration of common decency and a healthy respect for self, others, the family, and for society. If basic human rights are denied to some, we all are severely diminished.

I have a dream that one day the ideology of today’s cultural left that includes both radical individualism and radical collectivism is eradicated, and that proper balance of the personal and communal dimensions of our human nature be restored. May the plague of divorce that is now over 50% once again become rare, and that “love” recover its true meaning of primarily being commitment over excitement. May we realize that agape (“I love you in spite of…”) must take precedence over eros (“I love you because of…”) in order for marriage, family, and civilization to continue.

I also dream that the underlying philosophy of the post-modern left, that we may create and recreate our own truth at will, quickly becomes a grave error of the past. We must recover the sanity and wisdom that we are meant to discover truth, not create it; that we are to conform to it, not change it when it doesn’t suit our desire. May the popular philosophy of secular humanism that makes us false gods who determine truth rather than discover it be relegated to the history books as an embarrassing moment in man’s history.

I have a dream that people will be less open to material things and more open to life; less into greed and more into love. That we come to realize human beings, including children, are infinitely more precious and fulfilling than our society’s triadic god of gadgets, comfort, and security. We must rise against this current societal breakdown of the family and neighborhood – caused by two parents working outside the home and resulting in 1.6 offspring that goes with a lifestyle of dropping children off at daycare, carting them around to adult-supervised activities, and having electronic media babysit them, filling them with messages of illicit violence and sex to form their souls. I have a dream that true childhood will be restored to America.

I have a dream that the horror of the abortion knife that routinely slices up thousands of human beings daily during their embryonic stage of life, along with the suction machine that gathers each body part from their mother’s womb, will be shunned by all as the evil instruments that they are. And this dream extends to seeing each of us recognize and reject the selfish behaviors so common today that lead to this horror, which include the cultural ritual of using of each other as objects in order to satisfy emotional and physical desires – and then almost blasphemously calling it ‘love’.

We must rise up against the pervasive lies of our age that create our culture of death. Doing so necessitates our rejecting the shallow and hollow messages the media and academia routinely transmit, dictating to the masses what they must hold to be standards of true and false, right and wrong, normal and abnormal. These culture-molding establishments of our age have been hijacked by the enemy of humanity and we must no longer follow like sheep to the land of unhappiness and confusion.

I have a dream that we will once again recognize that each of us has disordered desires, and that these should be fought against – for our good and the good of society. Pride must never re-define disorder as order, unhealthy as healthy, and evil as good – regardless of how popular or desirous it may become. This dream includes rejecting our culture’s spiritual disease of denial. No longer can we use each other as objects and then wonder why crime is so high. No longer can we accept pornography as adult entertainment and wonder why children strive to grow up and dance like Miley Cirus at the VMA Awards. No longer can we give a wink and a nod to the young while they use each other, rationalizing it with terms such as “relationship” and “in love”.

We can not make a mockery of marriage by ignoring these cultural premarital rituals and wonder why divorce is so high. And no longer can men deride women for being “sluts” while they themselves are addicted to pornography. Until men become leaders and protectors as they are naturally ordered, and cut through the gender confusion agenda created by the media and academia, women will remain wounded and confused on who they are.

Yes, I have a dream that we will be able to speed up that day when no one’s life is seen as expendable or burdensome, that everyone’s life from conception to natural death is respected and cherished as God’s children; when the individual as well as the family is protected from harm; when we allow truth to be exposed and freedom to ring from every city and town; when we will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, we are free at last!”