If Only They Loved Their Children More Than They Hate Us…

By: Forest Rain – Nov. 2015

palestinian-children-with-gunsImagine you at are work. A day like any day.

Then your best friend’s 13-year-old son bursts in, looks in to your eyes and says “Save me! Please save me!” falling in to your arms, blood pouring down his neck and side.

Imagine trying to stop the blood pouring out of this little boy, watching it ooze over your hands as his face goes white. This is the child you have known since the day he was born, the kid that plays with your kids, a boy you have seen almost every day for each day of the 13 years of his life.

This nightmare scenario isn’t a nightmare. It’s reality. It happened yesterday in Jerusalem.

The boy is alive, but just barely. He is in the hospital where they are fighting to save his life.

The Jewish boy was stabbed, as was a 25-year-old Jewish man by two Arab cousins – 15 and 13 years old. Teenaged murderers who got up in the morning and decided to kill some Jews.

Israeli society is passionate about her children. Children are considered a precious gift, a blessing from God, the more the merrier. To a certain extent, on a national level each child is considered everyone’s child (that is why the whole nation stopped for the return of Gilad Shalit). Everyone understands the powerful bond between parents and their children.

It is nice to believe that everyone is the same, has the same values and wants the same things, but reality isn’t nice and those lovely (and very common) assumptions simply are not true.Arab children are raised differently. They are a means to an end, not, as we see it, the end goal itself. They are a tool that, if needed, can be used and thrown away; Palestinian children with guns

The teenage murderers in Jerusalem were not taught to believe that their lives matter. Other children aspire to become doctors and scientists, cure cancer or land on Mars. Other children want to be firefighters and save lives. Or teachers that help mold the next generation. These teenage murderers aspired to become murderers. In their society, that brings them honor.

Their lives don’t matter. Only their deaths matter.

The teenage terrorists will be lauded by the grownups of their society, upheld as an example for other children to learn from….

It is the grownups who teach children their value and Arab children are being taught that their value lies is in their success at killing Jews.

If only they loved their children more than they hate us…
Today we are left to cry for our children, and for theirs. Our hearts break for the victims of this seemingly endless wave of terror attack after attack. And as we tend to our wounded and our dead, we also mourn for the Arab children raised to hate, kill and die.