Illegal Alien Invader Kills American


By: Jeff Katz – September, 2011

I wish I could tell you that we had not heard this story before, but of course I can’t. Illegal alien gets liquored up and kills an innocent American. Sure, we change the names and the locations, but the story remains the same. So what exactly do we do about this? Well, that depends entirely on who you are.

If you are a proud American who values the many contribution made by legal immigrants, then you say clearly that we must deport those who do not belong here and actually enforce the laws we have on the books.

If you are a big business owner who values profits and nothing else, you probably say we should just avert our eyes and pretend that there is no problem.

If you are a small business person, you state that we must enforce the laws so that you won’t be undercut by contractors with illegal alien staffed crews.

If you are a union boss, you turn your back on the best interests of your members who have seen their wages fall due to the presence of illegal aliens and issue a call for illegal aliens to join the declining ranks of your membership. After all, they’ll pay union dues which you can spend to support your cronies in the Democrat Party and really, that is what it is all about.

If you are a career Democrat Party operative, then you condemn anyone who calls for laws to be enforced. You ignore the thousands of Americans slaughtered at the hands of the invaders and instead demand that the illegals be rewarded. You demand that they be provided with subsidized in-state college tuition and driver’s licenses and welfare benefits. You demand that hard working people who have crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” in their quest to become citizens the lawful way get the hell out of the way and make room for those who have provided a one finger salute to decent society. After all, the illegal alien invaders of today are the Democrat Party voters of tomorrow.

Matthew Denice was a fine young man, only twenty three years old when he was killed by an illegal alien in Milford. The invader in question has an extensive criminal record including violence committed on public safety officials. You’d think he’d be deported, but you forget that he lives in Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts. Our part-time governor has never met a criminal he did not like and he seems to love illegal aliens almost as much as he digs cop killers.

The illegal in Milford was blind drunk when he plowed into Matthew and then dragged him along the street. All the while Matthew was screaming for help. The illegal alien only stopped his pick up truck when he hit a curb with Matthew, still alive and crying out for help, stuck in his wheel well. Then the illegal reversed over Matthew’s prone body which is what actually killed him according to the police. For good measure, the invader had his own child in the truck too. When he was advised in court that he had killed Matthew he simply shrugged. Vile, disgusting, unrepentant conduct from someone who never should have had the chance to kill anyone.

Now I know that the illegal aliens are only committing the crimes that Americans won’t commit anymore, but we must take action. You simply cannot have a nation if you don’t have clearly defined and vigorously defended borders. If we need tips on how to effectively protect our borders and enforce our immigration laws, we should ask for some advice from countries which do so quite efficiently, like Mexico.

When the current occupant of the Corner Office finally commented on the killing of Matthew Denice, he said “illegal immigration did not kill that person.” Well Deval, that person had a name. That person had a bright life ahead of him. That person had a loving family who will ache every day for him.

Deval Patrick has rolled out the red carpet for illegal aliens to come to Massachusetts. Deval Patrick’s support for the illegal alien invasion enables illegal alien invaders to live, work and kill in the United States. Make no mistake the blood of Matthew Denice is dripping off of Deval Patrick’s hands. The only question left is whether the Governor will wear gloves or mittens to try and cover it up.