“Inside The Fire” by Heather Glidewell ~ SUE PIAZZA’S BOOK REVIEWS

fire© 2017 by Heather Glidewell
Published by: Inkitt
Advanced Reader Copy: 175 pages (eBook).
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
4.8 out of 5 Bookmarkers

I was hooked by the middle of the Prologue. I could not put this book down! Spent all day Sunday reading, eyes bloodshot, food to be cooked still in the frig. It’s been a hot dog day and I wouldn’t have had that had I not cooked them on Friday (before I started reading this book).

If you are a fan of early Ann Rice or the Twilight series you will probably enjoy this book. It is an easy read that flows readily. Nice visuals. “. . . I still heard the words hissing past his lips.”
Character development is spot on. Individual voices are distinctive and apropos to their age and station. I would’ve chosen a name other than Damien for one of the creatures. I recall the Exorcist and all the subsequent Damien films. But, then again, maybe this was what the author intended.

Being a hybrid creates havoc for Dawn. (Named for that time of day where darkness turns to light.) We learn that she is special, something that should not be. She is raised by her mother then, after she remarries, sent to live with her father, who is also remarried. An incident occurs while with her dad that causes her to run away and rejoin her mother. All goes along fairly well in this teenager’s life until she goes to her new high school.

Dawn meets and falls in love with one of the few teens at school willing to speak with her.

All goes well until Wesley’s, ex, Melissa, decides she wants him back. She terrorizes Dawn. Another teen, a murderer, severely beats Dawn as payback for what her father did to him. Her mother calls her father and he comes to their aid.

Much of the story now focuses on the ancillary people that surround Dawn, how is she going to protect them from the evil that had been unleashed and ultimately how is she going to protect herself.
The author’s subplots really move the story along nicely. Clues that one doesn’t realize are such become important later on.
The journey is half the fun and this book is fun. I just wish I could put this down and get some sleep! Oh well, always tomorrow.
There were several grammar errors, which took me out of the story. Since I am reading an advanced copy, these mistakes are normally fixed for upcoming retail sale so I wouldn’t worry about them. I am only mentioning this to explain why my rating is not higher.
The ending was fulfilling. While I was not 100% on board with it, I understood it from an author’s perspective.
A nice easy read. I recommend this book.