Iraqis Shame Elitist Democrats



Arabs don’t value freedom. Western civilization shouldn’t try to impose itself on Arab societies. The Arab street prefers dictatorships and can’t be trusted to vote. The Iraqi people are not ready for Democracy.

It’s all about oil.

And on and on, ad nauseam, the Democrats, once supporters of human rights, routinely undermine the process of bringing Democracy

to Iraq. Senator Kerry, just hours after the polls closed in Iraq, tried to marginalize the 60%+ turnout by saying the election wasn’t the real test, it’s what comes next that matters.

Of course ‘what comes next’ matters, but it was the courage of the Iraqi people that made a bright future possible. Is Kerry’s sense of history and the human struggle for freedom and peace so shallow that he doesn’t see this?

Senator Kennedy’s response was even worse. He called for the immediate draw-down of American troops.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! What an affront to the 8 million Iraqi voters that braved the terrorist threats and who made fools of the democrat nay-sayers. What an affront to the brave American soldiers that have sacrificed their lives in Iraq to make the world safer for Americans.

An Iraqi voter, after dipping his finger in the jar of blue ink to indicate that he had voted, proclaimed, “I dipped it deep as if I was poking the eyes of all the world’s tyrants.” We hope that Kerry, Kennedy and the other democrat nay-sayers felt the pain.