Is Obama Intentionally Seeking to Destroy America?


By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – July, 2011

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I am not prone to conspiracy theories.

I think Oswald assassinated President Kennedy without the active participation of Castro, the Soviet Union, Lyndon Johnson, the John Birch Society, the FBI, the CIA or the mob.

I don’t think President Bush aided or abetted the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Nor do I think that he or Karl Rove or some neo-conservative cabal plotted to lie about weapons of mass destruction before gaining Security Council approval for the invasion of Iraq.

I’ve even convinced myself that Jane Fonda was just a useful idiot when she went to Hanoi and cheered on the North Vietnamese gunners as they sought to shoot down and kill American pilots.

One of my mentors during my R&D career once told me to never underestimate the likelihood that idiocy was an adequate explanation for what might initially appear to be intentionally evil acts. More often than not, idiocy (or just plain ignorance) did, in fact, turn out to be the likely cause.

I have tried mightily to follow this advice over the last several decades while witnessing the actions and positions taken by so-called progressives (hereafter “statists,” since progress is the last thing they will ever accomplish).

I am proud to say that until recently I have succeeded. Despite their constant stream of absurd policy positions, I have steadfastly held my ground and just declared them idiots (when appropriate, adding the adjective “useful” before the noun).

This has not been easy, but I have trained myself when I hear their latest proposals to grit my teeth while muttering: “Idiots!”

But lately, my resolve is eroding.

This article is a desperate plea for help. I feel I’m slipping. In fact, I feel I’m accelerating towards a terrible, inevitable, inescapable conclusion.

Are all statists intentionally seeking to destroy America?

Although every statist occupies some particular location on a continuum of possible positions on the road to hell, most are not consciously seeking the demise of America. Some, infested with ignorance and a touch of idiocy but not that much evil, are just a short way down that road. Others having varying degrees of ignorance and idiocy, but infected with more evil intent, are further down the road. Finally, there are those that, despite varying levels of ignorance and idiocy, are dominated by evil intent.

That people whose motives are dominated by evil intent actually exist is not in doubt (the Nazis, Communists and the Jihadist Muslims provide adequate proof, as do the narco-terrorists). The question is: are people who seek to destroy American ideals in current positions of power in the U.S. Government? And, to the specific question raised in the title of this article, is President Obama or are his key advisors among them?

I have tried heroically to deny this possibility since Obama first began his run for the presidency and have fought to sustain this denial up until recent days.

My resistance is collapsing, but at this instant I’m still hanging on by my fingernails. I need the wisdom and level-headedness of my faithful readers to guide me in this struggle.

A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that I declare the causes which impel me to conclude that our Commander in Chief and his key lieutenants may be purposefully undermining America’s philosophic foundation and that their actions are designed to destroy the America that our Founding Founders envisioned.

I claim the following truths to be self-evident. Not all weigh equally in the indictment, but unless we remove the perpetrators from office, certain unalienable rights, among these being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, will not be secure. [The text in italics is paraphrased from … well, as patriots, you already know.]

Here are the self-evident truths:

* Prior to running for president, our president and first lady routinely attended religious services with their impressionable young children where vitriolic, un-American rhetoric was common fare. Ask yourself: “How many times would you have to hear ‘God damn America’ from your preacher before deciding to never attend again?” What would your core beliefs have to be, to continue attending and bringing your children?

* Our country is starved for affordable energy. High energy prices are choking our economy and sapping our strength. Despite this, Obama does everything in his power to stop America from tapping our domestic energy supplies. He uses every regulatory power to stop drilling for oil and natural gas, denies permits for construction of nuclear power plants, and discourages the use of coal, oil shale and tar sands (where our reserves dwarf those of Saudi Arabia). This cannot be explained away based on environmental concerns (even misguided ones), because Obama applauds and promises to financially support Brazilian deep-water oil drilling.

* While thwarting real energy solutions, Obama pours our national treasure into green energy “solutions” such as wind and solar that can’t possibly fill more than a few percent of our needs at much greater cost.

* Failing to get congressional support for cap and trade legislation, Obama seeks to end-run Congress and have the EPA impose carbon emission regulations that will effectively nationalize the American energy industry and further hamstring our economy.

* Seeing the decline of unions in the dwindling private sector, Obama supports a card-check system that denies American workers the right to vote via secret ballot when unionization is proposed. This is a direct affront to the historic American principle of democracy.

* Obama’s tax policy can be summed up as follows: “What you produce is the property of the state. We would like to take it all, but we know you would stop working if we did. Therefore, we are trying to determine how much to let you keep so you will continue to work.” He has NEVER espoused or supported the idea of private property rights. His latest budget speech introduced the notion of “tax expenditures,” equating the act of government letting you keep some of your income with “expenditures” as if it was government property being “spent.”

* The stake in our national heart is Obama’s massive spending spree. Forty percent of federal spending is borrowed, an annual amount greater than 10% of our Gross Domestic Product. Every sober economist will testify that this is the road to national ruin. We are doomed if we continue and that is exactly what Obama proposes, both in his original budget and in his revised budget response to various weak-kneed Republican plans. Obama’s spending proposals can only be explained as a conscious attempt to destroy America as a world power and undermine our freedoms.

* Space does not permit me to detail other indictable grievances: the growth of unaccountable regulatory Czars and their fiefdoms, Obama’s weakening of our military, his debilitating foreign policy decisions, and the destruction of our national pride via endless apologies.

An assortment of policy disagreements are to be expected, but those on this list are not consistent with mere policy disagreements in which both parties seek the strengthening of the American Republic or American ideals. Each of these reeks of an innate distaste for individual rights, private property, free markets, and government as a constitutionally-limited servant of the people.

I am on the brink of declaring President Obama: a Manchurian Candidate who succeeded to the presidency, the leader of an American fifth column, a traitor in our midst.

Could this REALLY BE TRUE? Only the readers of this column can save me from such a seemingly inescapable conclusion.

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