Islam and the Cultural Left, Strange Bedfellows


By: Paul Murano – September, 2010

Why people think the way they do is fascinating. Who would have thought the issue of an Islamic cultural center being built near ground zero would have so neatly divided people by ideologically lines? And who would have guessed that the left would be for it and the right against?

Aren’t liberals supposed to be the sensitive and compassionate ones and conservatives for basic freedoms such as religion? Would it not make more sense in this debate for the left to favor the 9-11 victims’ families and the right to favor the building of a religious establishment on public grounds? Yet, we find just the opposite. Why, then, aren’t liberals lining up on the side of sensitivity and conservatives on the side of liberty – as is usually the case?

There is something unspoken here that transcends the issue at hand, a substratum that underlies the political debates, a hidden agenda that defines the culture war. This end goal, always unspoken and often unrecognized, is being carried out by the foot soldiers – the talking-heads and typing hands of the media and academia.

So let’s take a closer look at what is really going on. There are three main ideologies posturing for position in the world today: Judeo-Christian, Islamic-Muslim, and Secular-Humanist. They can be largely defined by their central figure of authority, which are Christ, Allah, and Man respectively. Communism and socialism are varying morphologies of the more subtle secular humanist movement of today, all being the wayward and rebellious children of Christian civilization, and each seeing man as his own god, having the right to redefine reality and create its own code of morality. The meaning of sex, the beginning of human life, and the definition of marriage are just examples. Judaism, interestingly, is split; the more agnostic and liberal Jews fall into the humanist camp while the more culturally conservative fall into the Christian.

The latter, popularly known as the Judeo-Christian tradition, has been continuously attacked for decades in an all-out assault from the culture-molding establishments of the left, the media and academia, both hijacked by secular humanism since the early 1970’s when the post-Lockean belief that man is the end and the measure of all things became solidified in American society. Because of the ultimate aim to bring down the Judeo-Christian west, Islam and Secular humanism, two ideologies that couldn’t be more diametrically opposed to each other in philosophy and way of life, are temporary allies in the great, yet largely hidden, spiritual and cultural war.

This is the underlying reason the humanist left supports the building of this Islamic center over the wishes of those still grieving from the 9-11 attacks. This is why MSNBC and the liberal establishment all line up to support the mosque, leaving conservatives to be the “compassionate” ones. But once their common end is finally accomplished you can bet these two camps will become instant enemies; and people will long for the day when respect for human rights born out of Natural Law promulgated by Christian philosophy was again the norm; when human life was recognized as inviolable in law and in culture as before the influence of Roe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut set in. This will take a large dose of humility from the humanist left since they would have to renounce their god, which is themselves, for a far higher and more intelligent power.

Of course any religion has a right to build a building, and yes there are wonderful people of the Muslim faith and sincere secular humanists ignorant of the lies their ideology is based on and the end it seeks. However, on this issue in lower Manhattan the left’s stand has little to do with concern for religious freedom. If that were the case there would be a groundswell of support for the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Church destroyed on 9/11 two blocks from ground zero.

Their true motive can be found in the detestation for that standard which keeps man subjected to objective truth and goodness; something higher than himself. Boiled down it is a motive that seeks to keep Christ crucified rather than see His risen body continue to shape civilization keeping it from slavery to the selfish and prideful tendencies of human nature that bring about lack of freedom and a culture of death.

While we continue to watch in the name of religious freedom the cultural left bend over backwards for Islam while tearing down Christianity, it is time to expose it for what it really is.